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Red Dawn Sleep Walker

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Red Dawn Sleep Walker - Stress And Anxiety Relief! Increase Focus And Elevate Mood! Euphoria Awareness Enhancer-Anti Anxiety Stimulator!
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Euphoria Awareness Enhancer-Anti Anxiety Stimulator!

All work and no play, not at Red Dawn. It is well understood that sometimes there is a definite need for relaxation and recuperation. With that in mind, Red Dawn created the finest blend of ingredients to make your worries disappear. Red Dawn's saying to you is "Dream on, enjoy having your heads in the cloud."

Don’t Let The Name Fool You; Sleep Walker Isn’t For Sleeping. It’s for living the dream.

Untangle the words from the tip of your tongue, turn the marbles in your mouth to daggers, and de-clutter the closet of your mind with this synergistic concoction of brain-optimizing nutrients. It’s juice with no jitters. It’s serenity with no sluggishness. It’s what energy drinks want to be when they grow up. Unleash your inner-genius with Evol Nutrition’s number-one selling product. Sleepwalker. Live the dream.

Embrace Your Potential

Snap back; RECOVER more quickly after a long night

THINK CLEARLY during your next board meeting

Untie your tongue, be MORE ENGAGING, and BOOST your daily sales figures

Study LONGER and ABSORB MORE to ace your next exam

ACCESS the motivation and inspiration to create your best work, whether you’re in the studio, on the stage, at the canvas, or working the tattoo needle

ACHIEVE the elusive ‘FLOW STATE’ more easily

GRIND your writer’s block to dust and make your work go VIRAL

Imagine it. All of the potency we’ve described packed into two easy-to-swallow capsules. Could it be magic? Maybe a little, but mostly science. No added sugar, no extra calories, no bitter brew to choke down; just a quick ‘toss and wash’ and you’re ready to dominate your day.


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  1. Quality
    Great but can me habit forming
    I use these intermittently as I am a huge fan of Phenibut. For those wondering the primary ingredients are phenibut and GABA. GABA never works well on its own but the phenibut combo actually makes it cross the blood brain barrier more easily giving you a calm boost of energy. There is also a fair amount of caffeine in these which overpowers the sleepy affects of the phenibut and gaba. Great for those really rough mornings though it tends to give me restless leg if I take more than 3.
  2. Quality
    I have had a great experience with a1 supplement. My package always arrives early and in good condition! Thanks everyone
  3. Quality
    Works well, too expensive
    I took the sample and felt that it worked very well. I wouldn't mind taking it intermittently, however, the cost is out of my price range. This price results in the law of diminishing returns. Lower price, more sales, increased profit.
  4. Quality
    It damn sure ain't Phenibut!
    I don't what hell is in SleepWalker but damn sure ain't just phenibut I assure you. This reminds me, we as adults should be allowed to put whatever the hell we what in our bodies. I love this stuff!!!
  5. Quality
    Got this as a free sample
    I'd say it wasn't bad as far as samples go, but I wouldn't probably ever buy it
  6. Quality
    Loved it
    Not sure about long term effects, but I did love this stuff. Helped me focus for hours with no jitters.
  7. Quality
    Good energy, no jitters
    I use at work, noticeable improvement in focus and mood. My job is very stressful but I think a little more clearly with this.
    Energy is sustained for about 6 hours using B vitamins, no jitters.
  8. Quality
    nothing happened
    maybe it depends on people's chemistry, because nothing happened to me when I tried it.
  9. Quality
    Meh. It's ok
    Tried it. Didn't notice anything great. Had some decent energy for my workout but nothing that made me say "wow, I need more of this". Thanks for free sample.
  10. Quality
    I love it-but I agree the price is terrible
    This product kept me calm and focused during the stressful holidays and a messy break-up. The price is terrible, so I did not give it full stars, but I felt it worked well and could get you through a tough time, but not an every day supplement.

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