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Increase Nutrient Uptake! enhance Muscle Glycogen!

SLINshot is a unique aqueous, herbal extract studied and proven to aid in lowering blood glucose following high carbohydrate intake as well as help increase skeletal muscle amino acid uptake (e.g. creatine) in the absence of carbohydrates. What this means for the athlete is, more of the carbohydrates and amino acids you ingest are more rapidly and efficiently shuttled into the muscle inducing protein synthesis and intramuscular glycogen replenishment, igniting the recovery process and shunting fat storage. Quite simply, it makes food AND supplements more effective.

Athletes desire enhanced glycogen resynthesis, not only for its recovery stimulating/catabolism halting benefits but often for its association with greater “muscle pump” and increased “muscle fullness”. Likewise, athletes need/welcome heightened muscular uptake of amino acids to blunt the substantial protein breakdown and muscle damage from the excessive strain placed on both muscle and enzymatic systems during high volume training. SLINshot accomplishes both of these effects.

Physique athletes seek the repartitioning effects of SLINshot,
as it regards to glucose disposal and nutrient timing. SLINshot, by aiding in blood glucose clearance, positively inclines the body’s nutrient utilization towards lean muscle accrual and body fat reduction.

Aside from athletes, many individuals (athletes and non-athletes) consuming large,
simple, refined, or high glycemic carbohydrate meals can benefit from a glucose regulatory agent, such as SLINshot, for repartitioning effects or simply for overall health. Body fat gain and other negative effects are just some of the detriments of acute elevations in blood glucose. Detailed scientific studies indicate that maintaining healthy levels of blood glucose may be beneficial to overall health.


In regards to glucose disposal from the bloodstream into target tissue, and the subsequent storage of glucose as glycogen, it should be understood that insulin assists in activating this process. Specifically, insulin is secreted from the pancreatic beta cells in response to a post-feeding rise in blood glucose. Insulin then binds the insulin receptor and promotes a cascade of “signaling” events that ultimately allows for the “translocation” of glucose-4 transport protein (GLUT4) from an intracellular site to the cell surface. It is GLUT4 that is chiefly involved in glucose uptake into tissue when in the fed state (e.g., post exercise feeding). This increase in circulating insulin is the goal of most post workout products. Hence, many products contain high glycemic carbohydrate and branch chain amino acids that act to rapidly raise blood sugar and illicit an insulin spike.


The potential mechanisms of action of such agents can be multiple, including enhanced insulin secretion from the pancreatic beta cells, improved insulin-insulin receptor binding, enhanced post-receptor signaling, and superior GLUT4 translocation (movement) to the cell surface to allow for blood glucose to be taken into the cell.

In terms of the overall effectiveness of these agents, many have been tested using the outcome measures of fasting blood glucose and OGTT. In these regards, there are drugs that often result in a decrease in fasting blood glucose and OGTT values following chronic use, as well as a more rapid return of blood glucose towards pre-intake values when administered in a single dosage prior to an OGTT (e.g., lower area under the insulin and glucose curves). For example, in human trials in which subjects were administered one of these drugs for a period of several weeks, a decrease in the glucose area under the curve of 20-30% has been noted (Carlsen et al., 1998). Use of SLINshot helped maintain an equivocal decrease in blood glucose (21.5% avg) to one of these s in our university trials.


One extremely interesting facet to note regarding the research validated capabilities of SLINshot,
stems from a study having direct application to athletes involving the co-ingestion of creatine monohydrate (Jäger et al., 2008).

This study established, a dosage equivocal to 1 serving of SLINshot ingested 15 minutes prior to ingestion of the creatine monohydrate (at a dosage of 60mg/kg body mass) resulted in a significant reduction of plasma creatine levels (meaning more was absorbed my muscle tissue) at 60, 90 and 120 minutes following ingestion (Jäger et al., 2008; see Figure 1 for a graphical depiction of these findings). The effect of is seen as comparable to that of glucose, a macronutrient that has been used in prior studies in an effort to stimulate creatine uptake into skeletal muscle (Green et al., 1996). This also strongly yields to the hypothesis SLINshot could initiate a similar effect on nutrient transport for ALL OTHER AMINO ACIDS.

Note: Average plasma creatine concentration following intake of creatine monohydrate
(60 mg/kg body weight), preceded 15 minutes earlier by ingestion of the equivalent to one serving of PURUS LABS SLINshot. Subjects were 11 young, healthy men.

SLINshot has been clearly elucidated above to aid in repartitioning, increasing glycogen resynthesis, rapidly clearing blood glucose, enhancing amino acid absorption, and potentially reducing free-radical levels in certain populations. No matter what your goals, SLINshot is the perfect compliment and propellant to ANY supplement regimen.

Directions: For enhanced glycogen replenishment and nutrient uptake take 1-2 servings immediately post workout in combination with a high glycemic carbohydrate. For repartitioning effects, on non traing days take 1-2 serving 15 minutes prior to largest carbohydrate meal. May use more than one serving daily.

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