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Protos Foods OStrim

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Sports Nutrition Meal Snack! 98% Fat Free High Protein Snack With Only 1 Gram Of Carbs!

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98% Fat Free High Protein Snack With Only 1 Gram Of Carbs!

OStrim is the first sports nutrition, low fat, high-protein meat stick made from a combination of Ostrich, a highly nutritious red meat, and the leanest beef available. The 42 gram OStrim Meat Stick contains essential and non-essential amino acids, has high protein (13 grams), is 96% fat free (less than 1.5 grams) with zero carbs (under 3 grams) and less than 1 gram of sugar. OStrim Meat Sticks are shelf-stable (require no refrigeration) and offered in user-friendly packaging for convenience and portability. They taste great, are easy to chew and offer the same, or more nutritional benefits as sports nutrition bars. They are formulated for the serious athlete, physical fitness enthusiast and anyone "on the go" - from kids and soccer moms to weekend warriors. OStrim Meat Sticks are perfect for the high protein, low carb dieter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is ostrich meat used in OStrim?
The naturally-raised (no antibiotics or stimulants) ostrich meat in OStrim is one of nature's best sources of high-protein, low-fat meat. OStrim is a USDA inspected health and wellness food that tastes great. In fact, many top athletes, nutritionists, personal trainers and dietitians recommend OStrim as a natural source of low-fat meat protein.

Q. Why is protein so important to overall health and wellness?
Proteins are the building block of the body. They are directly responsible for the health and maintenance of strong lean muscle, blood, skin, hair and internal organs. Our body feeds on protein through-out the day, especially after exercise. When a protein rich food like OStrim is eaten, the protein is broken down by the liver and made into amino acids, which helps fuel muscles, organs and the immune system.

Q. How convenient is OStrim?
OStrim Meat Sticks are ready-to-eat, with no refrigeration or preparation necessary. OStrim's special vacuum packaging exceeds the ordinary packaging of other sports nutrition products, thus locking in nutrition, freshness and flavor. Virtually no air is able to penetrate to deteriorate the quality of the food.

Q. Why is OStrim so low in carbohydrates?
OStrim is scientifically formulated to be near-zero carbohydrates and sugar free. This allows a person following one of the popular high-protein, low-carb diets to eat OStrim Meat Sticks and to be more selective regarding his or her carbohydrate sources.

Q. Why does OStrim contain nitrite?
For safety and wholesomeness, OStrim only contains micrograms of sodium nitrite, just enough to keep the product safe without refrigeration for use anytime. The USDA regulates sodium nitrite which assures that only .001% - .0012% at most are in OStrim.

Q. How high is the sodium level in OStrim?
OStrim has less than half the sodium of most other dry-shelf meat sticks or jerky products. It contains only the minimum amount required for dry-shelf stability. The sodium has been balanced with the potassium to eliminate excess water retention and to help boost energy.

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    I used these a quick protein snack 30 minutes before going to the gym! They taste great I really enjoyed them.

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