Prolab Caffeine 200mg

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Maximum Potency Caffeine. Restore Mental Alertness Or Wakefulness!

Maximum Potency Caffeine. Restore Mental Alertness Or Wakefulness!

Helps restore mental alertness or wakefulness when experiencing fatigue or drowsiness. Get direct results for all of your endevours with the highest quality Caffeine available!

Caffeine is an alkaloid; of which there are numerous compounds such as the methylxanthines, with three distinguished compounds: caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine, found in guarana, kola nuts, coffee, tea, cocoa beans, mate and other plants. These compounds have different biochemical effects, and are present in different ratios in the different plant sources. Caffeine is the most popular drug on the globe. It is a powerful stimulant to the Central Nervous System. Moderate use seems to be desireable by all, male and female; although excessive use can produce undesireable effects. Caffeine was discovered in 1820. In 1838, it was found that theine, a substance in tea, was identical to caffeine. Six or so caffeine containing plants are used more worldwide as a beverage than any other plants and herbal materials put together. The many caffeinated natural plants are are: Coffee, Tea, Kola, Cocoa, and Guarana.
  1. Prolab Caffeine 200mg

    Not bad
    Works well for 3 to 4 hours. But no crash when it wears off. Not bad for the price.
  2. Prolab Caffeine 200mg

    Bang for the buck
    Highly recommend this caffeine supplement is cheap and effective it also contains calcium some brands that do offer caffeine supps don't contain calcium but this one does for those of you that don't know caffeine robs your bones of calcium.

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