Prolab Advanced Caffeine

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Caffeine Blend To Help Stimulate Calorie Burning, Increase Energy, Stamina And Enurance!

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Caffeine Blend To Help Stimulate Calorie Burning, Increase Energy, Stamina And Enurance!

Prolab Advanced Caffeine helps stimulate an adrenaline surge,providing intense mental focus and an energy boost to ignite workouts. It contains six all-natural sources of caffeine for energy, endurance, and calorie-burning, including:

•Green Coffee Extract - A natural source of chlorogenic and caffeic acids, and with powerful antioxidant effects
•White Tea Extract - A natural source of caffeine with strong antioxidant properties
•Green Tea Extract - Studies suggest that Green Tea may help boost metabolism and stimulate thermogenesis
•Chocomine - Contains methylxanthines (theobromine, caffeine, and theophylline)
•Kola Nut Extract and Guarana Extract - Natural caffeine sources.
  1. Prolab Advanced Caffeine

    Cheap with zero effect
    Am a regular caffeine pill popper.Used Prolabs caffeine before so i thought let me give thier advanced caffeine a try.Heyy its cheap & all natural.But sadly thats all.
    No noticeable effects positive or negative so i upped the daily dose to 4 & then 6 hoping to get some energy.Guess what I experienced fatigue
    So 1 star
    Cheap isnt everything
  2. Prolab Advanced Caffeine

    Cheap and effective
    -The sweet spot for me is 2 pills 20min. before workout. Keeps me focused!
  3. Prolab Advanced Caffeine

    Great value and even better performance
    I used the product twice daily prior to my workout for increased focus and again 2 hours post workout to maintain energy levels at work. Generally I train early morning so this gave me a good start to my day.
  4. Prolab Advanced Caffeine

    Time to Wake Up !!
    Definitely a GREAT supplement to get you up and going for the DAY !! Not too much not too little doesn't give you that jittery feeling. Perfect!!

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