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Primeval Labs Vasogorge - Promote Insane Muscle Pumps, Aid Endurance & Performance, Increase Blood Flow, Increased Recovery Rates & Reduce Fatigue Levels During Higher Rep Protocols!
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Promotes Insane Muscle Pumps & Performance!

Vasogorge Black is the ultimate stim-free pump pre workout that boosts nitric oxide and supports increased performance, quicker intra workout recovery and sleeve-splitting muscle pumps.


One of the biggest factors limiting muscular power and performance during training is the availability of oxygen-rich blood. We’ve included two powerful nitric oxide boosting supplements at their clinically effective doses to support enhanced blood flow and support optimal performance during training.


Vasogorge Black combines VASO6 and L-norvaline to maximize nitric oxide release, delivering increased blood flow, nutrient delivery, and superior muscle pumps.


For added cellular hydration, stamina, and muscle fullness, Vasogorge Black also includes 1.5 grams of GlycerPump, a high-yield form of glycerol that doesn’t clump or leave you with those annoying gobs of undissolved powder on the sides of your shaker.


Here’s more about the ingredients in Vasogorge Black:


Vasogorge Black Ingredients

GlycerPump (1,500mg)

GlyerPump is a next-gen glycerol supplement supplying 65% pure glycerol by weight. GlycerPump encourages your muscle cells to absorb extra water, which improves cellular hydration and nutrient absorption. Due to these cell-saturating actions, not only does GlycerPump boost endurance, it also improves resistance to fatigue. And, to top it off, GlycerPump also increases muscle fullness and delivers water-fueled pumps, too!


VASO6 (300mg)


Developed by Compound Solutions, VASO6 is a revolutionary vasodilator and vasorelaxant comprised of a patented combination of six powerful NO-boosting compounds titrated from green tea catechins. Research has shown that the compounds in VASO6 activates Nitric Oxide via endothelial-dependent relaxation (EDR) meaning VASO6 both improves blood flow by dilating and relaxing the blood vessels (i.e. vasodilation AND vasorelaxation).


Compared to other popular nitric oxide compounds (such as citrulline) that only provide the substrate for nitric oxide production, VASO6 provides a more comprehensive approach, boosting nitric oxide and enhancing endothelial function. The result is a superior pump pre workout supplement that delivers monstrous muscle pumps and supports cardiovascular health.


Vasogorge Black supplies the full clinically backed dose of 300mg VASO6 in each serving.


L-Norvaline (300mg)


To further enhanced nitric oxide production, and bolster the effects of VASO6, Primeval Labs has also included 300mg of L-Norvaline.


Derived from Valine (one of the three BCAA0, Norvaline inhibits arginase, an enzyme that’s responsible for the breakdown of arginine, the “fuel” your body uses to generate nitric oxide. By limiting the action of arginase, L-Norvaline helps “protect” plasma arginine levels so that it can be used for fueling sustained nitric oxide production, and with it major muscle pumps.


By using both a direct (VASO6) and indirect (L-Norvaline) means to boosting nitric oxide production, VASO6 takes a comprehensive approach to maximizing nitric oxide production, which supports stronger, longer-lasting muscle pumps.


Benefits of Vasogorge Black

Supplementing with Vasogorge Black may:


Increase Nitric Oxide Production
Enhance blood flow to working muscles
Reduce fatigue
Improve stamina and endurance
Deliver massive muscle pumps
Enhance muscle fullness
Support energy production
Boost athletic performance



Vasogorge Black contains no caffeine or other stimulants and can be stacked with any stimulant-based pre workout, such as Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black or Ape Sh*t pre workout.


Why No Stimulants?

We all know that caffeine is great for boosting energy and helping you feel halfway human after a night of poor sleep, but there are occasions where you may train in the evening or want to take a stimulant break. By making Vasogorge Black stimulant free, you can take it anytime of day or night and still have a great workout, without worrying about having a terrible night of sleep.



Consume one serving (i.e. 5 capsules) 20-30 minutes prior to training.


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Primeval Labs Vasogorge Black

    Fantastic Product, But One Problem...
    This is a fantastic product. The pumps you get while using it are awesome. I can't say enough good things about it, but there was one problem I had with it. Both bottles I purchased had a couple capsules ruptured inside, so I probably lost about 1 full dose due to this, which is kind of disappointing, but still it's an awesome product and I would absolutely purchase it again.
  2. Primeval Labs Vasogorge Black

    I only take 6 pills & still get a good pump. Ive also noticed good pumps in my legs.
  3. Primeval Labs Vasogorge Black

    Imsane pumps
    This product workss awesome, but lately it's been making me a bit lethargic.
  4. Primeval Labs Vasogorge Black

    Gives a good pump, definitely more noticeable. For natty type supplements this is a good choice.
  5. Primeval Labs Vasogorge Black

    Ridiculous pump all throughout your workout! Seems like a lot to take (5-8 at one time) but ends up ... WORTH IT!!

    Crazy pump that lasts a seriously longtime. Best pump product I’ve ever tried.
  6. Primeval Labs Vasogorge Black

    Gives alright pump.but i like the skin splitting boner
  7. Primeval Labs Vasogorge Black

    I will never workout again without this stuff...insane pump that lasts for an hour or 2 after workout...getting those nutrients from the pre and post workout meal to the on market.
  8. Primeval Labs Vasogorge Black

    As a female, 130 lbs at 5'4, I have been taking the 7 capsule serving size for about three days now. I'm also stacking Primavar. I have had KILLER headaches every morning since I started. Not sure what they could be caused from? The pump is UNREAL with the Vasogorge. Absolutely incredible. I have been taking pump pre-workout for years, and have never had such amazing pump in my upper body. Great stuff! Just hoping I don't have to stop from headaches. Meh. 10/10 recommend! I'm going to try cutting the 7 capsules to 4 and see if that helps.
  9. Primeval Labs Vasogorge Black

    Vasogorge is phenomenal
    If you struggle getting pumps in certain areas (for me, back & rear delt) vasogorge does a great job to bring focus and blood flow to get great pumps to really get pumps in those difficult areas!
  10. Primeval Labs Vasogorge Black

    Vasogorge by primeval labs
    Vains out of this world top it off with a killer pump is that what your looking for this product is for you now I'm not saying it will work the same for everybody it says to take 7 caps witch is ok but I'm 185lbs I workout 7 days a week and I love the pump so I take two servings total 14 caps insane pumps and you feel it all day

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