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Primeval Labs Primavar

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Primeval Labs Primivar - Increased Strength, Size, Recovery While Reducing Fatigue! Primavar Is An All-Natural, Plant-Based Muscle Building Supplement Powered By 100% Pure Laxogenin!
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Increased Strength, Size, Recovery While Reducing Fatigue! Primavar Is An All-Natural, Plant-Based Muscle Building Supplement Powered By 100% Pure Laxogenin!

Laxogenin is a naturally occurring steroidal sapogenin belonging to the brassinosteroid family. It is found in a number of plants, including Dioscorea zingiberensis

Largest Dosed Laxogenin Product Available!

Each serving of Primavar contains an industry-leading 138mg of Dioscorea zingiberensis Root Extract, supplying 125 mg Laxogenin, the highest single-serving laxogenin-based capsule on the market!

Broad Appeal

Primavar is the ideal choice for anyone (men AND women) looking to support muscle growth and recovery as well as body recomposition.

Best of all, Primavar is non-hormonal and does NOT require PCT or cycle support.

Primavar Ingredients

Laxogenin is a steroidal sapogenin extracted from dioscorea zingiberensis.

It is a member of the brassinosteroids family of phytochemicals which affect cell elongation and cell division. More specifically, brassinosteroids regulate the expression of specific plant genes in growth by elevating protein synthesis.

Due to this growth-promoting properties, it is believed that Laxogenin supplementation may support enhanced muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth as well as help reduce muscle breakdown during exercise.

Anecdotally, supplementing with Laxogenin has also been believed to support muscle recovery and reduce stress.

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  1. Quality
    Great Stuff
    I use this as a bridge between Prohormone and Sarms Cycles. I keep my gains and also increased my strength. Went from a Reverse Bench Press of 255 for a set of 8 to 275 for a set of 10.
  2. Quality
    Max’s jumped up 50 pounds on bench from 180 to 230, all PRs went up, only thing I’d say is I took three everyday and noticed results mucu faster don’t know if it’s a good idea but absolutely recommend. Didn’t notice any side effects
  3. Quality
    Good natural
    Not dramatic, but effective enough for a natural product. Worth it especially w/bogo
  4. Quality
    Works amazing. Putting on a lot of muscle and strength
  5. Quality
    It really works.
    I am 58 yrs old. Been training for over 20yrs. I have never looked this good. My wife can't keep her hands off me. Primeval Labs Primavar really works. I did 2 bottles so far. I went from 39% bodyfat to 24% bodyfat in a 2.5 month time frame. Which is great for me. I dropped 10lbs. I started at 213lbs. I do lots of cardio. I lift very heavy. I eat a semi clean diet. I use lots of protein. I also use L-Carnitine 3000mg and CLA. I am always being asked what I use cause of the dramatic change to my body. I no longer look fat. I just ordered two more bottles. I am a believer. Thanks Primeval labs.
  6. Quality
    Descent pump
    It’s a good pump amplifier but not the best. I felt it for a couple hours after.
  7. Quality
    Great Product
    My first time using this and it have produced very good gains. My weight dropped a 10kg when I was deployed. Having heard of Laxogenin as a pretty potent supplement that is anti-catabolic, I tried primavar and never regretted. I gained back 4kg during my first 2 months usage and now it is in my arsenal of muscle packing supplements.
  8. Quality
    Say yes to the succes
    I’d say I’m not stupid, but yet kind of a sucker for these kind of products. I started training again, being 42, but with an equal mindset: thoughtful, determined, good diet and a good focus on training, sleep/ recovery. Besides the ‘regular’ supplements like creatine, BCAAs and whey protein, I wanted a cherry on the cake. Now, I have been training on and off in roughly twenty years, but this time everything is different. First of all, I wish I had the level of understanding in my twenties; somehow ‘I get it’ now (I think). Anyway, it is very difficult to assign my progress to these two pills a day. Funny though, it’s the world turned upside down. Instead of giving credit to the Primavar, I wish to think ‘I’ am the one who’s finally cracked it. I like cake, but I also like the cherry. So, my advice: bake the cake yourselves and get that cherry. Good pricing, good service and a nice BOGO offer for me. And let Reign’s review get you motivated ;) Best wishes, Stike, the Netherlands.
  9. Quality
    Natural anabolic
    I was skeptical of this at first, but after 1 cycle I can say I’m beyond pleased with the results. Great product but do increase your protein intake.
  10. Quality
    Worth it
    Was hesitant on getting this as it is a natural anabolic but the BOGO offer plus being a reputable company, why not. I'm on my second cycle and let me tell you, there is an unmistakable amount of growth and strength for being "natural". Nothing crazy in the strength department but the size gains are all lean, dry and very keepable. Tune in your diet, get a good night's sleep and train hard you will not be disappointed. Stack with a solid test booster and let there be gains.

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