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Primeval Labs Primivar - Increased Strength, Size, Recovery While Reducing Fatigue! Primavar Is An All-Natural, Plant-Based Muscle Building Supplement Powered By 100% Pure Laxogenin!
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Increased Strength, Size, Recovery While Reducing Fatigue! Primavar Is An All-Natural, Plant-Based Muscle Building Supplement Powered By 100% Pure Laxogenin!

Primeval Labs Primavar is an all-natural, plant-based muscle building support supplement powered by 100% pure laxogenin.

Largest Dosed Laxogenin Product Available!
Each serving of Primavar contains an industry-leading 125mg per capsule 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin! That means each daily dose of Primavar delivers a total of 250mg Laxogenin!

Broad Appeal
Primavar is the ideal choice for anyone (men AND women) looking to support muscle growth and recovery as well as body recomposition. Best of all, Primavar is non-hormonal and does NOT require PCT or cycle support.

Primavar Ingredients
Laxogenin (125mg per capsule)
Laxogenin (5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin) is an steroidal sapogenin extracted from Smilax Sieboldii, a relative of asparagus. It is a member of the brassinosteroids family of phytochemicals which affect cell elongation and cell division. More specifically, brassinosteroids regulate the expression of specific plant genes in growth by elevating protein synthesis.

Laxogenin supports greater protein synthesis and may also help reduce cortisol levels. Based on this, supplementing with laxogenin promotes greater muscle growth and recovery as well as a reduction in stress and soreness.

Consume two capsules per day.

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  1. Quality
    Good stuff
    I am definitely pleased with this stuff. I have been taking it two months and have noticed an increase in size and strength!
  2. Quality
    Has been increasing my strength and muscle mass. Been using it for about a month or so now. An able to lift weights with a lot less effort. Will continue to use this product.
  3. Quality
    Feeling good
    Starting to feel quite a bit of energy for working out and stamina especially now that I'm starting to hate the 60 year old mark..
  4. Quality
    Primeval labs Primavar
    Great product. I started seeing results within the first couple of weeks.
  5. Quality
    Works, super excited about the results so far. Cant wait for the next gym session. A1 all the way.
  6. Quality
    I don’t know what it does, but it does something
  7. Quality
    Hello all! If you're anything like me and have been working out for years, you'll hit a plateu. I fully believe this to have helped me. I've noticed some gains and size along with strength increasing. I personally think this is worth the buy not only is it a BOGO but I truly believe this works. I've noticed it and I think you will too. You just have to be super serious about working out. Don't just take supplements and expect them to work. You truly have to try too.
  8. Quality
    Can not live without it
    For me it's the best supplement I have ever taken. It's does wonders and I don't need to work out like I used too. I go on a walk or do some yoga at home. I keep in shape. Every time I look in the mirror I can't believe I am able to have low body fat at this age. I feel good. Sometimes I feel young and strong. I do stuff around the house and I am not even tired. I did try a lot of supplement. But this is by far the best one. Actually il just use this one and magnesium citrate.
  9. Quality
    Loved this stuff
    First time I used this it definitely worked. I notice when a product works cause I'm tuned into what my body says. My strength went up and my joints stopped hurting. My problem is I'm poor and it sucks lol
  10. Quality
    Pulled the trigger on the BOGO offer, about into my third week on bottle one. Did Chest today, and where I'm usually stuck at a certain weight on underhanded inclines actually added 20 lbs, and it wasn't really that hard. Deads two days back felt good also, didn't break a pr that day but no doms afterwards, odd, but cool. Not often i'm so pleasantly surprised. I think my body is also looking a little more edged/harder. I also think it's giving me an appetite. I'll finish the second bottle and return with an update. But I'm leaning towards it's going pretty good so far. Can't give it a five until second bottle..

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