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Primeval Labs Mega Test

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Primeval Labs Mega Test - All-Natural Male Hormone Support Supplement Formulated Sustain Natural Hormone Production Via Multiple Pathways. Using A Synergistic Blend Of Nine Research-Backed Ingredients, Mega Test Offers Men A Natural Means To Reclaim Their Status As An Alpha.

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Increased Recovery Time, Increased Strength, Fuller More Dense Muscles!

What’s in Mega Test?
D-Aspartic Acid (2g)
D-Aspartic Acid is a non-essential amino acid noted in research studies to support greater release of several hormones, including luteinizing hormone (LH), that influence the production of testosterone. Research has found that individuals supplementing with DAA may acutely raise testosterone levels by 42% as well as possibly improve sperm quality.
Tribulus Terrestris (550mg)
An ancient plant traditionally used in Ayurveda, tribulus is naturally rich in phytocompounds called saponins that is typically used to enhance libiodo. Mega Test uses a Tribulus extract standardized to 45% saponins.

Additional research suggests tribulus may also increase testosterone as well as enhance lean body mass and reduce body fat.
Maca Powder (250mg)
Historically used by Peruvian natives as a natural means to boost libido and virility, Maca is another exotic plant loaded with plant sterols that may help boost libido, sexual desire, and fertility.

Maca is also regarded as an adaptogen, in large part, due to its ability to support the body’s stress response and help combat cortisol.
Mucuna Pruriens (200mg)
Also known as velvet bean, mucuna pruriens is an adaptogenic herb rich in L-Dopa -- the direct precursor to dopamine. As you may know, dopamine is a the neurotransmitter heavily involved in motivation, decision-making, and mood. It’s also responsible for the “reward” feeling we get when accomplishing a major goal.

Studies have found that L-Dopa may increases Luteinizing Hormone, which supports testosterone production. The compound may also lower prolactin levels as well as increase sperm count.
3,3’-Diindolylmethane (100mg)
Derived broccoli, 3,3’-Diindolylmethane (or DIM) helps promote a healthy balance of “good estrogen” in the body.
Longjack (100mg)
Longjack (a.k.a Eurycoma Longifolia and Tongkat Ali) has a long history of use in Traditional medicine as natural male enhancement ingredient. Modern research suggests it may support hormone regulation and erection quality.

It may even offer some anti-estrogen effects and help reduce cortisol levels, both of which support healthy testosterone levels.
Vitamin D (1,000 IU)
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a key role in a number of important functions in the body, including testosterone production.

Unfortunately, many individuals are deficient in Vitamin D.

Studies have shown that men with low Vitamin D levels are linked to lower fertility, higher body fat, and less lean muscle mass. However, research has found that supplementing with the vitamin may increase testosterone levels as well as limit aromatase activity.
Magnesium Oxide (150mg)
Magnesium is an essential mineral and electrolyte involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions and biological processes in humans. It also plays a pivotal role in proper muscle function and athletic performance.

Unfortunately, similar to vitamin D, many athletes are deficient in the vitamin. Mega Test supplies 150mg of magnesium oxide to support muscle function, performance, and hormone production.
Zinc Citrate (10mg)
Zinc is another essential mineral that many individuals are lacking, and studies have found a link between low zinc levels and hypogonadism. Human studies suggest that supplementing with zinc may help address zinc deficiencies as well as improve testosterone levels in men.

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  1. Quality
    Love this test boost
    Oh my! good stuff - love it!!
  2. Quality
    Actually works
    This is the only test booster I have ever used where I noticed any difference. Only one I plan to use from now on!
  3. Quality
    Works well enough
    I have used this more than once. Takes a week for me to notice difference. I know reviews say two. I notice faster. It does what you would think. It’s a boost but nothing crazy like something off the guy at the gym in the locker room. I like the product. Increased strength and endurance. Love that I sleep better
  4. Quality
    Great product
    I've noticed a significant difference in the gym. I'm taking it for gym help. Not bedroom help. Although I have noticed a difference in that area as well.
  5. Quality
    Mega test and primavar
    Took these two supplements after a sarms cycle. These two supplements allowed me to keep my gains and actually helped my physique lose some unwanted fat. They kept my energy levels up and gave me great pumps. Great products.
  6. Quality
    Excellent Product
    Notice a subtle difference within the first couple of days of taking. Great feeling. Muscles feel more full. Workouts feel better. Excellent product
  7. Quality
    Young again
    I’ve taken a lot of test boosters over the year but this one by far is the best I’ve used I feel like I’m in my late teens again the energy the strength in the gym and the strength in the bed room guys if you feel your missing something well you just might be
  8. Quality
    Good stuff
    Definitely seeing results. I suggest not taking the full serving before bed because it knocks you out cold making it hard to wake up in the morning. Good if you want a good hard sleep but bad if you have work that morning.
  9. Quality
    Mega Test
    Been taking this Test Booster during my PCT and it seems be working pretty good. I have been on it over 2 weeks now and it provides good support for my PCT. I have a second bottle still left and will most likely buy it again. I haven’t had any side effects besides some night sweats which can happen while taking a Test Booster.
  10. Quality
    Very good, definitely have more energy during workouts. I recommend only taking one pill for the first 3-4 days so the body can adjust, two pills is a big boost and your body may not be ready right off the bat.

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