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Primeval Labs Mega Pre Red

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Primeval Labs Mega Pre Red - Intense Pre-Workout Formula! Energy, Pumps And Focus! Primeval Labs Has Unleashed A Beast In Mega Pre Red! 6000 mg L-Citrulline, 400 mg Total Caffeine & 400 mg A-GPC!
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Primeval Labs Mega Pre Red is a high-energy, high-performance pre workout supplement scientifically formulated to promote increased energy, power, strength, and muscle pumps.*

Each serving of Mega Pre Red supplies quality doses of research-backed ingredients to help athletes take their performance in the gym or on the field to new heights of excellence.

Mega Pre Red doesn’t clump, mixes easily and delivers the same remarkable flavoring you’ve come to expect from all Primeval Labs products.

What’s in Mega Pre Red?

Every serving of Mega Pre Red supplies the full research-backed dose of 6 grams of pure L-Citrulline to support increased nitric oxide production for greater nutrient delivery, blood flow, energy production, and muscle pumps!

Beta Alanine
Beta alanine promotes greater endurance and resistance to fatigue by improving the body’s to buffer acidic (H+) ions that accumulate in skeletal muscle tissue following repeated muscular contractions. allowing for increased time under tension before succumbing to fatigue.

Derived from choline, betaine is a naturally-occurring compound found in beets that enhances cellular hydration, assists in methylation, and supports endogenous creatine production. As a result, betaine has been noted to improve energy production as well as strength and power output during exercise.

Choline Bitartrate + Alpha GPC
Mega Pre Red supplies a total of 2.4 grams of choline-containing compounds in 2 grams of choline bitartrate and 400mg of Alpha GPC to support increased production of “the learning neurotransmitter” (acetylcholine), which promotes greater focus during training as well as a stronger mind-muscle connection.

Taurine encourages greater cellular hydration in skeletal muscle tissue due to its osmolytic properties. Increased hydration promotes greater cell volumation, which boosts endurance as well as muscle fullness. Furthermore, this multi-faceted amino acid also stimulates GABA receptors, which helps reduce neuronal excitability, encouraging greater focus during training.

Double Dose of Caffeine
Mega Pre Red contains a TOTAL of 400mg of caffeine per serving from a combination of 350mg caffeine anhydrous and 68mg of long-lasting Infinergy dicaffeine malate (which yields 50mg caffeine).

This combination of caffeine forms offers a “best of both worlds” approach where athletes get the immediate boost in energy and motivation from the quick-acting anhydrous while also benefiting from the long-lasting energy offered by Infinergy. Combining these two forms of caffeine also helps avoid any unwanted post-training “crash” commonplace with other high-stim pre workouts.

Huperzine A
Huperzine works in conjunction with choline bitartrate and alpha gpc to support longer-lasting acetylcholine production in the body. The reason for this is that huperzine inhibits acetylcholinesterase -- the enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of acetylcholine. Additional studies indicate that huperzine may also possess neuroprotective and neuro-generative properties too.


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  1. Quality
    Good pre workout
    I get a hella good pump off this shit plus I start to itch with in about 15-20 min, the gummy bear flavor is pretty lit too, definitely recommend
  2. Quality
    Good flavor, focus and performance without any jitters. Expected a little more for pump but it’s an all around good pre workout.
  3. Quality
    Mega red
    Great product, energy, focus, great pumps and no crash. Good product would buy again, great taste as well.
  4. Quality
    Great focus, pump and energy. Every thing you need in a pre-workout!
  5. Quality
    This is what’s up
    This is what I’m talking about. Makes my workouts so much better
  6. Quality
    Very good preworkout. Take two scoops and delivers a good pump.
  7. Quality
    mega pre red
    great stuff really helps those 6 am work outs
  8. Quality
    Solid pre
    Been lifting for 11years and have tried every pre-workout under the sun. My body is very resistant to stimulants, so I mostly take pwo for the pump. I must say I haven't had such solid workouts and insane pump in a very long time. Plenty of energy to push through hour workout and my muscles are rdy to rip through the skin. Not to mention the strawberry pineapple is so smooth and tastes amazing. And with a BOGO.. Trust me u can't go wrong with this one
  9. Quality
    Pump it up
    Like it should be, energy pump snd strength!

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