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Primeval Labs Intracell 7 Black

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Intracell 7 Black - A Complete Training Fuel For Professional & Recreational Athletes, Containing A Synergistic Matrix Of Performance-Boosting Carbohydrates, Electrolytes & Amino Acids!

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Intracell 7 Black is the ultimate training fuel hard-training athletes that constantly strive to become bigger, stronger, and faster!

What is Intracell 7 Black?

Intracell 7 Black is a complete training fuel for professional and recreational athletes, containing a synergistic matrix of performance-boosting carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids, and blood flow enhancers.

Intracell 7 Black includes a unique quad carb blend featuring ModCarb, Carb10, Cluster Dextrin and Palatinose to provide immediate, readily accessible energy for your muscles that helps them to train longer and harder. This novel matrix of performance carbohydrates also helps avoid the unnecessary insulin and blood sugar spikes of other peri workout carb sources.

“Conventional” intra workout supplements typically supply a paltry 5g of BCAA alongside a dash of salt and potassium. Intracell 7 Black provides a comprehensive assembly of essential amino acids, electrolytes, carbohydrates, and cell volumizers to fuel your mind and body for maximum performance.

Benefits of Intracell 7 Black

Increases stamina and endurance*
Reduces fatigue*
Stimulates muscle protein synthesis*
Increases blood flow*
Enhances nutrient delivery*
Decreases muscle soreness*
Faster recovery*
Replenishes muscle glycogen*
Resists muscle protein breakdown*
Supports muscle repair and growth*
Versatile (can be used pre, intra, or post workout)
What’s Inside Intracell 7 Black?

Essential Amino Acids (Including 5g 2:1:1 BCAA)

Primeval Labs helped usher in the era of the essential amino acid supplement with the release of EAA Max and its caffeine-fueled brother EAA Max Energy.

The reason for releasing an amino acid supplement that contained more than just the three BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), is that the body requires adequate amounts of ALL NINE essential amino acids to fuel muscle protein synthesis.

BCAA supplements may “flip the switch” for protein synthesis, but your body needs the other six EAAs to complete muscle building.

No time are amino acids more in demand than during training when muscle tissue is slowly and constantly being broken down rep by rep.

In creating this supreme training fuel, Primeval Labs has included the full spectrum of essential amino acids, including 5g of 2:1:1 BCAA. Specifically the essential amino acids contained in Intracell 7 Black are:


When to Take Intracell 7 Black?

Intracell 7 is extremely versatile and can be taken anytime around training -- pre, intra, or post workout.

Pre Workout

Take it pre workout alongside Prim-ATP for increased muscle creatine and glycogen storage. Thus, intra-workout carbs (plus creatine) means higher glycogen levels and sustained performance during your workout.

Intracell 7 Black also stacks with any of our stim-based or stim-free pre workouts, including Mega Pre, Mega Pre Black, and Ape Shi*t pre workout. The fast digesting carbohydrates and essential amino acids contained in Intracell 7 Black provide your muscles with all of the necessary nutrients they need to perform at their best in the upcoming training session.

Intra Workout

For longer training sessions, Intracell 7 Black provides a way to sustain energy and focus, helping you maintain a high level of performance throughout the most arduous of workouts.

Mix up one serving (two scoops) of Intracell 7 Black in your shaker cup and sip in between sets.

Post Workout

Immediately after training, your muscles are screaming for nutrition. Intracell 7 supplies them with a rapid infusion of carbohydrates and essential amino acids to replenish depleted muscle glycogen and kickstart the muscle repair and recovery process. The addition of VasoDrive-AP in Intracell 7 Black supports enhanced blood flow, accelerating nutrient uptake and recovery from exercise,



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  1. Quality
    Great flavor
    Great test helps me keep going!
  2. Quality
    My go to intra
    Great deal and perfect amount of carbs for me. Great pump and endurance. Always take advantage of BOGO
  3. Quality
    i used to take some other bcaa supplement and that one used to make me break out. Everyone told me thats not possible bc bcaas dont cause breakouts but soon as i stopped taking that IT MAGICALLY STOPPED. This thing helps with recovery and gives you decent pump. Its not as serious as everyone makes it out to be buttt. For the price and taste . its the best intra workout youll find.
  4. Quality
    Works but tastes like pond scum
    Does the job and I really do like the effects but it really hard to get down. I have to mix it with 2oz of water and take it like a shot. Its nasty...
  5. Quality
    Primeval Intracell 7 Black
    Best intra-workout product I’ve ever used. I really think it helps you get your workout.
  6. Quality
    Inracell 7
    It is what it is,meaning with all the ingredients needed to get the job done, finally I don't have to make my own, Been using it intra-workout with a scoop of protein for the last few years with great results.
    Also A1 supplements customer service has it all together.
  7. Quality
    Real deal
    Definitely gives the extra boost during a solid leg session... if you need to push through, this is the stuff
  8. Quality
    liking this product
    flavor is good. it is a bit gritty but considering what the intent of the product, I have no problem with the texture. I feel this product does a good job keeping my energy levels good throughout a 60-90 minute training session. I plan to continue using. all primeval products are great.
  9. Quality
    Primeval Bcaa
    The Bcaas are pretty good helps me through my workout definitely helps with my recovery.
  10. Quality
    Keeps me going through my grueling 2 hour lift sessions.

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