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Primeval Labs Intracell 7

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Primeval Labs Intracell 7 - Most Advanced Intra Workout Ever Created! Intracell 7 Provides Maximum Energy To Fuel Your Workout & Ramp Up Protein Synthesis To Achieve A Whole New Level In Strength!

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The Most Advanced Intra Workout Ever Created!

Intracell 7 Now with Essential Amino Acids!

Intracell 7 is a complex and powerful Intra Workout supplement designed to fuel your body with proper nutrients to increase muscle pumps, endurance, power and strength, and speed recovery times. 

Intracell 7 Superiority in Design

The development of Intracell 7 was a very complex process of thorough real world application and testing inside the gym. It took countless efforts to get the supplement to the level that it is now both in function and taste. Primeval Labs is known for superior flavoring and we did not want to let our customers down. We aimed to provide the best intra workout supplement both with the function and performance in the gym as well as the flavor and taste panel. The days of choking down terrible supplements stops with us. We have made it our mission to provide the best tasting products on the market, and not do it by cutting corners in the formulation of our products. Instead you get the best of both worlds, high end supplement formulas with home run flavoring and taste. Intracell 7 is no exception!


The Upgrade!

Intracell 7 much like EAA Max is now powered by Essential Amino Acids, which means it can provide even better recovery to you from workout to workout. Do not think that doesn't include your BCAA's, absolutely not! Intracell 7 now contains both BCAA's and EAA's just like every other Primeval Labs amino acid supplement. We have taken the stance of being the brand behind Essential Amino Acids and the benefit of them and we did not want our Intra Workout supplement Intracell 7 to be left out in that push to the top.

Carbohydrate Power

Intracell 7 is designed to have 20g of carbohydrates to help fuel your workouts providing you more glycogen and muscle fuel. Insuring you will not be running out of muscular energy and keeping your muscle full. In Intracell 7 you have a combination of both Cluster Dextrin (HBCD) as well as Isomaltulose (Palatinose). This combination is very easy on your GI tract avoiding having a full or heavy stomach during training and shuttling rapidly into the muscle bellies to provide you a very high quality carbohydrate driven intra workout supplement, only using the best in carbohydrate performance.


Another very distinct upgrade to Intracell 7 was the addition of Glycerpump (65% Glycerol Powder). Glycerpump is a highly stable form of Glycerol providing you a 65% yield of pure glycerol in each serving. Much higher than the standard Glycerol Monostearate. Glycerpump utilizes fluid in the body to push into the muscle, driving extremely important nutrients into the training bodypart thus making you have the nastiest pumps possible, as well as speeding recovery.

Intracell 7 is unlike any other intra workout supplement on the market today. Providing you with crazy pumps and recovery benefits truly not seen in other intra workout supplements. Primeval Labs is very excited to bring you the upgrade, the intra workout you have been waiting for, Intracell 7 is here!


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  1. Quality
    Great Product
    This is an awesome product, great tasting! I have never used a carb supplement and I’m glad I am now!
  2. Quality
    Great Intra workout drink. Watermelon tastes awesome and mixes easy ( I put 2 scoops in a stainless bottle with 3 cups of water). No stomach issues, helps hugely with recovery and muscle soreness. Been bodybuilding for 31 years and highly recommend Intracell 7 to all.
  3. Quality
    Great all around product
    This is my go to for intra workout,and sometimes for pre workout. Its a life saver if I haven't had a chance to get several meals in and im low on carbs for the day. Mixes well and tastes great (in all flavors,have had them all). Definitely recommend.
  4. Quality
    can instantly feel the difference when using this compared to other brands I’ve used in the past.
  5. Quality
    Intra AWESOME!!!!!
    Few key points.....
    #1 mixes very well, not grainy and desolated perfectly!
    #2 flavor is excellent (watermelon) very refreshing and not too sweet.
    #3 really does give me that mid workout boost to help keep strength and push through!
    This is an amazing product that will stay in my line up of supps, can’t wait to try other flavors to keep fueling my workouts!!!
  6. Quality
    Primeval labs intracell
    Best intra workout around, gives extra pump during workout when I need it. I will always stay stocked with 2 tubs!!!!!
  7. Quality
    Great flavor, awesome pump
    This product is fantastic! It helps me on my workout session and finish strong. Highly recommended!
  8. Quality
    Fuel the fire
    For those long workouts this is my jam right here. Keeps my body pumping fuel and prevents it from attacking the muscle while working out during fasting hours. Tastes great. Feels great. If your an endomorph body type, highly recommend it.
  9. Quality
    Great Product
    I am very impressed with this product. I started taking 10G before workout and usually start sipping another 10G mid workout and sometimes another 10G post. The fullness and ability to help you kick your workouts ass is awesome!!! Highly recommend!
  10. Quality
    Best Tasting Intra-Workout
    Besides the excellent taste, The exta carbs are good for leg workout days and a great thirst quencher. Highly recommended.

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