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Power Crunch Proto Whey

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100% Micro Peptide Formula With A Rich And Creamy Taste!

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100% Micro Peptide Formula With A Rich And Creamy Taste!

What is a whey protein hydrolysate?
It is whey protein that has been hydrolyzed---which means it is sliced into smaller pieces by enzymes.

What is hydrolysis?
It is the process of enzymatic breakdown of protein, normally conducted in the GI tract (stomach and small intestine). Enzymatic hydrolysis can also be performed outside the human body, and this is how whey protein hydrolysates are processed. Food-grade enzymes are introduced to whey protein concentrate or isolate thus reducing the size of the protein molecules, called peptides.

Is hydrolysis necessary?
Yes. It is critical to absorption. All dietary protein must be reduced (hydrolyzed) to the smallest peptides called di and tripeptides, or free form aminos in order to be absorbed by the body (muscles, organs, etc). If you consume protein that is not hydrolyzed, like isolates, concentrates, blends, caseins, soy and caseinates, it must be hydrolyzed in your GI tract (stomach and small intestine). Whatever protein is not hydrolyzed down to di and tripeptides or free form aminos may not be transported into the blood for distribution to your muscles and other tissues. It will travel on into the colon where it is not absorbed and becomes food for bacteria. BNRG's exclusive DTP technology insures complete hydrolysis and absorption.

Are other hydrolysates the same as Proto Whey?
Not at all! What is important is the DH or degree of hydrolysis. A high degree of hydrolysis (High-DH) will produce more di and tripeptides and significantly lower AMW (average molecular weight) around 1,000 daltons whereas lower DH powders, often used due to their lower cost and ease of flavoring have little to no concentrations of di and tripeptides or Micro Peptides, a higher AMW, and may be relatively biologically unchanged from their prior unhydrolyzed state. Proto Whey is currently the only 100% High-DH hydrolysate in the market and the only source of DTP technology.

How can I tell if a product has an effective level (High-DH) of hydrolysis?
The best test is to find out the percent of di and tripeptides. A High-DH will have over 30% to 40% di & tripeptides. Proto Whey has on average 40% di and tripeptides, which produces an AMW of less than 1,000 daltons. Just as important, a top quality High-DH, biologically-efficient protein product like Proto Whey contains low concentrations of amino acids; levels under 3-5% free form aminos. Some products attempt to deceive the consumer by reducing their average molecular weight tests by adding large amounts of free form aminos. This is not what a true High-DH hydrolysate protein is. Adding amino acids to a true High-DH product is a waste and. Also, check the ingredient listing to see if free form aminos are added, and for the inclusion of whey protein hydrolysates in the number one spot (although this will not tell you the DH of the hydrolysate).

What is the value of Proto Whey versus concentrate or isolate forms or other whole proteins like casein, egg, collagen or soy?
Because Proto Whey is an extremely High-DH hydrolysate which is predominantly di and tripeptides, the protein may be absorbed much faster and more efficiently than whole proteins. This means that your digestive tract is able to absorb much of the protein you have consumed. In addition, the highly increased levels of di & tripeptides that enter your system ready for immediate absorption may allow your body to retain more (called nitrogen retention) than would be possible if you were consuming dietary protein that required complete digestion. Recent science has suggested that nitrogen retention and protein utilization is higher with di and tripeptides because they are handled differently by the liver as well as other tissues, including brain, lung, and kidney.

Would adding free form aminos (BCAAs) or enzymes to a High-DH hydrolyzed whey protein supplement increase the absorption or nutritional value?
No. The whole point of a true hydrolysate is to supply di and tripeptides (instead of free form amino acids) ready for immediate absorption by speeding up and/oravoiding the normally lengthy breakdown process and to insure delivery of di andtripeptides (as opposed to free form amino acids) directly into the blood. A qualityHigh-DH protein supplement would gain nothing as far as absorption by addingenzymes as it is already primed for immediate absorption. Though it might seem like itmakes sense, the reality is that enzymes, which are also proteins, may not surviveintact long enough to increase enzyme activity in the small intestine. In addition, lackof enzyme activity is not really the barrier to full absorption of whole proteins. It ismore the time factor necessary to fully hydrolyze all the protein in a meal orsupplement before it passes out of the small intestine into the colon that is thechallenge.

Who benefits from using Proto Whey?
Virtually anyone wishing to maximize their protein intake. This would include bodybuilders, athletes of any kind, individuals on a diet or weight loss program or anyone looking to derive maximum protein nutrition for the best price.

What about individuals with allergies to milk products?
Proto Whey has virtually no allergenic response since the peptides are reduced to di and ripeptides and micro peptides, which have no capacity to produce allergic response.

Why are di and tripeptides a better form of protein nutrition than free form aminos?
Generally speaking the human body prefers di and tripeptides
as the predominant source of absorbed protein. Certain tissues such as the brain, lungs and kidneys have a direct need for di and tripeptides. Furthermore, protein absorbed as di and tripeptides is not metabolized by the liver in the same way circulating amino acids are metabolized. Particularly large doses of free form amino acids (other than BCAAs, which normally by-pass first pass hepatic metabolism) directly absorbed from the gut. The di and tripeptides absorbed into the blood are utilized for protein synthesis at a higher rate. Once absorbed, the di and tripeptides are not transaminated or deaminated by the liver to the same extent as circulating amino acids. The liver limits the amount of free aminos that can be in the blood at any one time, so large spikes in amino acids being absorbed from the gut after a heavy protein meal (containing over 20g protein) increases amino acid oxidation, which converts precious amino acids into energy rather than protein.

Di and tripeptides do not have this limitation
because they have their own high-throughput transporter (PEPT-1), so protein absorption is not limited in this way - a huge value to any athlete attempting to absorb large amounts of protein necessary for peak recuperation and muscle building. In addition di and tripeptides utilize PEPT1 and PEPT2 transporters exclusively whereas free form aminos do not. Free amino acids use many low-throughput high-specificity amino acid transporters. Recent studies that measure the effects of di & tripeptides on their transporter systems (PEPT-1 particularly) have suggested that higher concentrations of di & tripeptides in the upper small intestines up-regulates the intestine's ability to consume more protein by increasing the density of PEPT-1 transporters in the upper intestine. Other recent studies have suggested that the high utilization of these transporters may up-regulate virtually all metabolic functions that rely on protein such as muscular repair and neurological function.

I have heard that some proteins are fast and some are slow such as whey concentrate and isolate, casein, and blends which claim to have both. Why would you want a specialized fast absorbing source protein like a High-DH whey protein hydrolysate?
Because di & tripeptides are absorbed by a high-throughput low specificity transporter PEPT-1), High-DH whey hydrolysates are fundamentally different than their whole protein cousins, WPC/WPI or whole casein or blends of both. Proto Whey can stand alone or be added to either fast or slow whole proteins and still maintain its unique affect on protein metabolism.

I have heard and read that pure hydrolysates do not taste good. Is this true?
Generally speaking this is the biggest reason there aren't many pure hydrolysate powders on the market, and only one 100% High-DH product with DTP delivery system. Proto Whey by BNRG has completely overcome this with proprietary processing of the hydrolysates and newly engineered flavoring technology.

Are there other advantages to High-DH Proto Whey?
Generally athletes know they can't consume protein meals or supplements before training or competing due to the time involved in digestion and the energy it steals from muscles. With Proto Whey, you can load up with energy producing and sustaining protein immediately prior to your athletic activities with less chance of nausea, gas or other issues that may negatively affect your performance.

If I am consuming large amounts (over 20 grams) of protein per serving, would Proto Whey have any effect?
As mentioned above, Proto Whey, when added to traditional slow and/or fast proteins may improve the performance of these other products. But in addition to improving the performance of any whole protein supplement, Proto Whey has a positive impact on efficient protein absorption, digestion, and utilization when consumed alone. With whole proteins, the more that is consumed at one time, as in a single shake, bar or meal, the less efficient digestion and ultimately absorption. As the amount of protein in the gut increases, digestive processes, which are also influenced by factors that increase motility (movement through the intestines) like emotional stress and the stress associated with intense training, can become overloaded and therefore less efficient. Conversely, since there is relatively little work for the gut to do in terms of breakdown, large protein meals utilizing Proto Whey continue to be virtually completely absorbed.
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