Pipeline Nutrition Tsunami Strike 2.0

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Pre-Workout Formula! Increase In Strength Through ATP Conversion, Increase Carnosine, Reduces Muscle Activity & Fatigue & Stimulates Protein Synthesis!

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The Power Will Hit You-Increase Pumps, Vasodilatation And Decrease Fatigue!


Tsunami Strike gives you a fast performance hit that you can feel. The Tsunami Strike is a wave of body sensation, quickly alerting you that something powerful is happening. Tsunami Strike hits hard with professional level results. You have been warned. Tsunami Strike was designed by a leading PhD exercise and Human Performance Lab Director of a premier U.S. research university. Backed by hard science, the BioMaxx blend in Tsunami Strike delivers a powerful nitric oxide stimulator to help crush your plateau and put you on top of your game.


Mega-Pump BioMaxx Blend


AAKG or L-Arginine: combined with alpha-ketoglutarate substrate has shown anti-catabolic properties, promoting maximum vasodilation. This blend promotes a more intense pump and helps nutrients get where they need to go..


BCAAs: stimulate protein synthesis, delay fatigue and improve glycogen synthesis.


Beta-Alanine: has been shown to increase carnosine levels and helps decrease fatigue by buffering lactate that is formed during intense exercise. This means support for more reps, more torque, increased training volume and improvements in body mass.


Taurine: is an organic acid that plays a critical role in optimal cardiovascular and central nervous system function and skeletal muscle development and function. It gets depleted with intense exercise, but supplementation has been shown to effectively maintain taurine stores. Research has supported its ability to improve cardiac function, insulin function, work capacity, endurance, force production, and reduce oxidative stress and muscle damage.


Creatine Monohydrate: is a non-protein nitrogen compound that plays a vital metabolic role in the conversion of ADP to ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate is the cell's energy currency) during and following intense exercise. Physical capacity will diminish with the reduced ability to produce ATP.


B6 Pyridoxine & B12 Cyanocobalamin: are essential for cellular energy production. B6 plays a role in cardiovascular health. B12 coenzyme is involved in the production of DNA and may impact the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood.


Anhydrous Caffeine: is a highly researched ergogenic aid shown to increase focus, improve endurance, and delay fatigue.


Tsunami Strike is a power of nature to be reckoned with. Competitive destruction is assured. You have been warned. Catch your Tsunami wave today!


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  1. Pipeline Nutrition Tsunami Strike 2.0

    Can’t find a better one
    If you train hard. 2 scoops pumps you up gives you the energy to keep going. Perfect for tough mornings get up. Don’t crash until nite time & because you trained hard
  2. Pipeline Nutrition Tsunami Strike 2.0

    At first I took this 1 scoop of tsunami strike, it was boo boo
    Next took 2 scoops, about 20-30 min later I get steady flow of energy.... Clean steady energy, not overwhelming...... Worked out 1.5 hours still felt great
    Would definitely recommend
  3. Pipeline Nutrition Tsunami Strike 2.0

    You can feel it working
    I've tried numerous pre workout supplements but Tsunami strike is the best. No jitters, great pump, energy and strength noticeably better. You can feel a warmth over your body within 15 minutes. The flavor is ok but personally I liked the original flavor and pray they bring it back.
  4. Pipeline Nutrition Tsunami Strike 2.0

    looking to get started on this product
    Cant wait to get stuck inn! What i read regarding this formular cant wait to get my power back exciting thrilling product. Good reviews and its a must i get this blend of supplements enhance crash" counting down the days for my first fix whoopie!!!!
  5. Pipeline Nutrition Tsunami Strike 2.0

    I've been hit by a Tsunami!
    I take Tsunami Strike about a half hour before working out. This stuff is amazing! I can feel my skin tingling minutes after taking the supplement. It really gets me pumped for my workouts. It tastes decent too but what I really like is that there are no artificial sweeteners in it. Finding supplements that aren't loaded with Aspartame Sucralose or Ace-K is nearly impossible so it was a
  6. Pipeline Nutrition Tsunami Strike 2.0

    This stuff ROCKS!
    At the Hollywood YMCA the Tsunami Strike is the drink of champions. Everyone loves it. It's a fantastic journey in working out. Feel the pump!
  7. Pipeline Nutrition Tsunami Strike 2.0

    I would definitely buy this again
    Take about 15 to 20 minutes before workout.I workout for 2 hours and I can make it threw with no problems

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