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PharmaFreak Super Freak

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PharmaFreak Super Freak

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Supports Endurance, Strength, Power, intensity & Focus!


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Supports Endurance, Strength, Power, intensity & Focus!


New SUPER FREAK is the most complete pre-workout formula of its kind! Every complex and ingredient found in SUPER FREAK has a specific function to support physical and mental performance!

The new SUPER FREAK formula amplifies key muscular and neurological pathways that are critical to maximizing performance. Nothing is stronger, or more complete!

SUPER FREAK is our most complete and clinically-researched pre-workout supplement to date!

1 Full Dose of SUPER FREAK Delivers

1. Clinically-researched doses of 2 powerful fatigue fighters:

  • 2,500 mg Betaine anhydrous
  • 50 mg Peppermint Oil

2. Clinically-researched doses of 2 powerful adaptogens to help support endurance and cognitive function:

  • 225 mg Rhodiola rosea
  • 800 mg Siberian ginseng root
  • 2,500 mg L-Tyrosine for added cognitive support!

3. Potent Stimulant Complex to support intensity and focus, which includes:

  • Energizing Traditional Chinese tonic, Dendrobium nobile!
  • Oleuropein Aglycone & Caffeine!

4. Muscle Regeneration & Antioxidant Support Complex, which includes:

  • 250 mg Agmatine Sulfate, a multi-functional antioxidant!
  • Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant that can support endurance!

5. Muscle Performance Multi-Vitamin Complex, which is scientifically designed to support exercise performance, strength, blood flow and muscle pumps!

  • Vitamin C (417%)
  • Vitamin D (100%)
  • Vitamin E (100%)
  • Vitamin B6 (2500%)
  • Folic Acid (75%)
  • Vitamin B12 (833%)

6. Patented Absorption Enhancer, AstraGin, to support optimal absorption and effects of all ingredients in the formula!

The SUPER FREAK formula is designed to support what the PHARMAFREAK R&D team believes to be the 4 most important aspects of exercise performance:



Vitamin C (250 mg)- Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant that acts as a free radical scavenger and helps recycle vitamin E.

Vitamin E (30 IU)- Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and the major chain-breaking antioxidant found in cell membranes.

Vitamin D (400 IU)- New research shows that vitamin D receptors are found in skeletal muscle tissue. This finding suggests that vitamin D plays a key role in supporting proper muscle structure and function.

Vitamin B6 (50 mg) Folic Acid (300 mcg) & Vitamin B12 (50 mcg)- Vitamins B6, folic acid and B12 can support healthy nitric oxide (NO) production and blood flow. Some research suggests that supplementation with vitamins B6, folic acid and B12 can help reduce the concentration of homocysteine in the bloodstream. Homosysteine is a non-protein amino acid and excessive levels can impede healthy NO production and vascular blood flow.


Betaine Anhydrous (2,500 mg)- Betaine is a trimethyl derivative of the amino acid glycine and is a component of many foods including wheat, spinach, beets, and shellfish. Some of the physiological functions attributed to betaine include acting as an osmo-protectant, which means it can help protect cells against dehydration by acting as an osmolyte and increasing the water retention of cells. Other studies suggest that betaine supplementation may lower plasma homocysteine concentrations. In addition, betaine also acts as a methyl donor that can synthesize creatine in skeletal muscle. Due to these physiological effects, betaine has recently been studied for its ergogenic properties.

Multiple studies suggest that short-term supplementation with 2.5 grams of betaine daily can help improve endurance, reduce muscular fatigue and support muscular strength. Research suggest that betaine supplementation appears to reduce lactate accumulation in the blood and helps maintain cellular hydration in cells. Research also suggests that enhanced muscle oxygen consumption is supported when supplementing with betaine.

One of the more recently published studies on betaine examined its effects on circulating endocrine hormone levels and muscle signaling proteins after an acute exercise session. Twelve trained men underwent 2 weeks of supplementation with either betaine (2.5 grams per day) or placebo. Circulating growth hormone (GH), IGF-1, cortisol, and insulin were measured. Vastus lateralis samples were analyzed for signaling proteins. Betaine versus placebo supplementation suggested a significant support for GH and IGF-1. Betaine supplementation also influenced muscle-signaling proteins after exercise. The results of this study suggest that betaine supplementation can support both the anabolic endocrine profile and the corresponding anabolic signaling environment, suggesting an increase in protein synthesis.

Siberian Ginseng Root (800 mg)- Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is primarily known as an adaptogen and can increase the body’s resistance to a variety of physical, chemical, and biological stressors. A study published in The Chinese Journal of Physiology examined the effects of Siberian ginseng supplementation of on endurance capacity, cardiovascular functions and metabolism of recreationally trained men. Subjects in the study consumed 800 mg of Siberian ginseng per day according to a double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled and crossover design with a washout period of 4 weeks between the trials. The major finding of this study was that the VO2 peak of the subjects elevated by12% and endurance time improved by 23% when the subjects used Siberian ginseng! In addition to its anti-fatigue effects the plant may also help support immune function.

Peppermint (50 mg)- Peppermint is a very popular natural herb used for its antioxidant effects. The results of a recent study suggest that peppermint essential oil may also support exercise performance through relaxation of bronchial smooth muscles, an increase in ventilation and brain oxygen concentration and a decrease in blood lactate levels.


L-Tyrosine (2,500 mg)- L-tyrosine is a precursor for the synthesis of catecholamines, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. Tyrosine is transported across the blood brain barrier by the large neural amino acid (LNAA) transporter. Tyrosine competes with other LNAAs, such as tryptophan, to get into the brain. There is speculation that increasing the availability of tyrosine to the brain allows increased catecholamine synthesis, and may help support a healthy stress response. There is also some evidence in animals and humans that supplementing with tyrosine might improve performance.

Rhodiola rosea (225 mg)- Rhodiola rosea is unquestionably one of the most well-researched and powerful adaptogenic ingredients known to man! It’s proven itself as offering protective benefits to the adrenal glands by preventing the depletion of beneficial catecholamines. In addition, many studies suggest that rhodiola can support exercise endurance. A recently published 2013 study was designed to determine the effects of an acute oral dose of Rhodiola rosea on endurance exercise performance, perceived exertion, mood, and cognitive function. Subjects in the study ingested either 225 mg of Rhodiola rosea or a placebo one hour before testing in a double-blind, random crossover manner. Rhodiola rosea ingestion significantly decreased heart rate during the warm-up and subjects completed the exercise time trial significantly faster after Rhodiola rosea ingestion. The mean rate of perceived exertion was lower in the Rhodiola trial too. The researchers of this study concluded that acute Rhodiola rosea ingestion decreases heart rate response to submaximal exercise and appears to improve endurance exercise performance by decreasing the perception of effort. On top of all these amazing benefits, Rhodiola rosea has also been suggested to help support a healthy balance in catabolic cortisol levels!


Caffeine Anhydrous- Research suggests that caffeine supplementation can help improve multiple aspects of mental and physical performance! Many studies suggest that caffeine can help promote performance and endurance during prolonged, exhaustive exercise and also short-term, high-intensity performance. Caffeine can also help improve concentration, reduce fatigue, and enhance alertness.

Dendrobium nobile- Dendrobium (Pronounced: den-DROH-bee-um) is a member of the orchid plant family and is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where it has the name Shihu. The plant is native to southern Asia, and Dendrobium nobile is by far the most widely used species because of its well-known properties. Dendrobium has been used in China for over 1000 years as a tonic and strengthening herb. It contains a variety of chemical alkaloids that are thought to be responsible for its beneficial effects.

Olive Leaf- Olive leaf contains a variety of compounds including oleuropein and oleuopein aglycone (OA). Both of these compounds are known to have antioxidant properties and recent research suggests they may have an influence on noradrenaline and adrenaline secretion.


Agmatine Sulfate (250 mg)- Agmatine is a byproduct of the amino acid arginine and is produced through a process called decarboxylation. Essentially, agmatine is arginine with the carboxylic acid end removed. Agmatine has been studied for a wide variety of different properties and effects. Agmatine can help modulate nitric oxide synthase to potentially support muscle pumps! Research also suggests that agmatine may act on hormones such as luteinizing hormone (LH) and growth hormone (GH). Agmatine may also provide antioxidant and nootropic support.

Astaxanthin (4mg)- The keto-carotenoid, astaxanthin, has enhanced antioxidant properties compared with beta-carotene. Humans cannot manufacture astaxanthin, but it is a powerful quencher of free radicals and reactive oxygen and nitrogen species [1,42,47]. It is 11 times more powerful as a singlet oxygen quencher than ß-carotene and 550 times greater than alpha tocopherol.


AstraGin (Tienchi Ginseng and Astragalus)- AstraGin is a natural compound composed of highly fractionated Astragalus membranaeus and Panax notoginseng. Multiple in-vivo and in-vitro proprietary studies conducted by the makers of AstraGin, NuLiv Science, have demonstrated that it can support the absorption of critical nutrients.

FDA: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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