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PEScience Select Protein

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PEScience Select Protein - Whey Protein Powder to Help Build Muscle! Targeted Whey & Casein Blend, Ultra-Pure Milk Protein Isolate, Premium WPC-80!
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Whey Protein Powder to Help Build Muscle! Whey & Casein Blend from Milk Protein Isolate!

Do you "Just Whey"? Then there's a few things you need to know...


Every day when I'm drinking my whey + casein protein shake with the sole goal of gaining muscle or getting leaner I always smile at the irony of my drink...

We are consumers based on innovation and research. We are always digging through the internet on a mission to find the NEW. We look to the scientist for a new discovery to build muscle.

Every day when you are downing that 100% whey protein shake after a brutal workout, you think you are really ahead of the curve... convinced it's the holy grail of protein.

The truth is you are drinking in the past... sacrificing that time in the gym for outdated science.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that our whey + casein protein shake is NEW cutting edge science that PES discovered. It's not. The research is almost 10 years old! It's time to take the blinders off.

The supplement industry is based around innovation. Why are you still drinking in the past?

When building lean muscle Whey is NOT ENOUGH

If you’re a regular 100% whey protein user, read on, because there’s something you need to know. Our investigation into the science should royally piss you off. I sure was…

In our quest to build muscle, protein intake is the single most important factor. When I say intake, I don't just mean amount...I mean the type of protein too.

When I asked our Director of Research & Development to dig up the research on protein, the facts shocked me.

Our R&D team didn't have to dive, dig, and spend an eternity finding the, the information was easily found on the government-owned science database known as PubMed. And it is so clear cut. There was no theory or interpretation.

Reputable journals have already tested the effects of different proteins in human subjects, and the data could not be more conclusive. Yet for some reason it's been ignored.

We have been FOOLED for years.

All of these years I've been using 100% whey protein as my sole protein source, slamming a shake after my workout, in the morning, and even between meals. Do I "just whey"? I certainly did and have done so for years... and I consider myself ahead of the game. Boy was I wrong...

The media tells me that whey builds muscle. And you know what? They're totally right. Studies do show that whey alone builds muscle better than other proteins. But if you look what they compare it to, the issue is clear: studies compare whey to weak products like vegetable-based protein, sugary drinks, and even just water. Of course whey is going to come out on top!

NATURE had it right!

It wasn't until recently that scientists finally decided to give all these 100% whey products a run for their money. And the results were absolutely shocking.

Nature had it right. When researchers at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic tested a combination of whey + casein protein, as found naturally in milk protein, they discovered that the two protein sources work together in a synergistic manner to build lean muscle.

100% whey protein in isolation only gets you so far... it can spike protein synthesis with an influx of amino acids, but quickly returns to baseline, leaving you where you started.

Enter casein, a slower-digesting protein that's typically consumed for its anti-catabolic properties as it promotes a steady release of amino acids over time. Casein actually results in more retention of ingested protein than whey!

In another published study, researchers found the combination of whey protein with casein protein resulted in a quick increase in protein synthesis along with a sustained elevation in plasma leucine levels. Plasma leucine levels are a key dictator of muscle protein synthesis, and thus, a combination of whey protein and casein protein may serve to maximize muscle protein accumulation.

Whey protein hits the bloodstream at a fast rate, but it is casein protein that has been shown to create the strongest leucine balance, possibly due to less oxidative processes taking place. It only makes sense to consume them together.

Studies have repeatedly shown that milk may be the optimal post workout drink due to the unique delivery and interplay of milk protein's components: whey protein and casein protein, together. Whey protein provides a surge of amino acids to help lean muscle gain, while the casein component sustains an anti-catabolic environment for hours to come.

In fact, the research shows that even if amino acid content of a protein is held constant, milk protein augments lean muscle accrual to a greater degree than fast-digesting hydrolyzed proteins due to the unique pattern of amino acid delivery that only milk protein can provide. Nature had it right all along: milk protein is king.

Whey and Casein UNITED

We already know that whey protein spikes muscle protein synthesis while casein protein creates an anti-catabolic trickle of amino acids, a complementary combination that should be taken at the same time.  But in addition to this, whey protein and casein protein each have their own unique bioactive subfractions and growth factors which work in concert when they're taken together.

This is why I was so pissed when I saw the new research... we've been shortchanging ourselves for years. I don't just want something better than whey... I want the best.

The 2005 International Whey Conference concluded that a 50/50 mixture of whey + casein is the optimal form of protein for gaining muscle mass. That's right, even at a whey conference, the researchers found that 100% whey is not the answer.

So if a synergistic whey-casein protein blend is the optimal blend for building muscle, what do you think PES SELECT Protein brings you? That's right: The most targeted protein formula on the market.

Milk Protein Isolate (MPI) KING OF PROTEINS

Milk protein is 80% casein and 20% whey, a combination that makes it superior to either whey or casein alone.

With Milk Protein Isolate, we've trimmed down the fat and carbohydrate content, leaving you with the 20/80 whey-casein protein ratio and synergistic growth factors intact. Indeed, MPI may be the single best protein source money can buy. To quote The Protein Book by Lyle McDonald, leading nutrition expert for bodybuilders and athletes:

"[R]esearch seems to suggest that consuming slower digesting proteins, or a mixture of fast and slow proteins during the post-training period may provide superior results compared to a fast protein... [M]ilk protein isolate (MPI), which contains 20% whey and 80% casein might turn out to be an ideal post-workout protein[...] By providing a rapidly available source of amino acids (from the whey) with a slower digesting source (from the casein), both protein synthesis and breakdown should be positively affected."

Ultra-Pure WPC-80 the only whey you should ever use

Since we know the research says that a 50/50 blend of whey protein and casein protein is optimal, we found the best source of whey protein to add to our Milk Protein Isolate to bring the ratio of whey and casein to perfection.

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) can be composed of anywhere from 34-80% protein. We elected to go with the highest quality possible, WPC-80 for short. This not only gives you the most high-grade protein for your buck, but unlike whey protein isolate, WPC-80 actually contains intact growth factors, allowing you to maximize lean muscle growth.

You're short-changing yourself by using any other source of whey protein, period.

And trust us... if your protein doesn't list out the percentage of its whey concentrate there is a pretty good reason... it's likely the 34% garbage. Keep on chuggin'...

PepForm LEUCINE PEPTIDES our R&D team insisted

They called it the cherry on top and wouldn't let me release SELECT Protein until we added them to the mix.

"Leucine Peptides are a must-have with what we're accomplishing here." Leucine, widely considered the single most important amino acid for building muscle, has been shown to improve lean muscle gain, exercise performance, and muscle protein synthesis, often in conjunction with a protein powder.

I saw why my R&D team was being so insistent...

Leucine has been shown to augment lean body mass (LBM) gain in a protein-independent manner. In simple terms, it doesn't matter how much protein you consume, you are not going to maximize lean muscle gain unless you consume the proper amount of leucine.

Furthermore, Ph.D's found that the Leucine content of a protein meal is a prime determinant of how much lean muscle tissue your body creates after meal consumption.

After seeing the data myself, I promptly decided that if we really wanted to have the best protein powder on the market, we'd be lying if we didn't have PepForm Leucine Peptides in the formula. The science agrees.

TriPhasic Delivery Complex WHEY CASEIN leucine peptides

This TriPhasic Delivery Complex puts SELECT Protein ahead of any other whey + casein protein blend on the market. Remember when we said that the levels of leucine in your blood are a key dictator of muscle protein synthesis?

Phase 1: By enhancing the blend with pre-digested leucine peptides,we allow for blood levels of leucine to spike, which then spikes muscle protein synthesis and lean muscle building. You see, leucine peptides are pre-digested and absorbed very rapidly, allowing for greater bodily utilization of leucine for the preservation of muscle mass.

Phase 2: Whey protein comes in next and gives your body the other essential amino acids to build new muscle proteins. But it is important to keep this sustained for longer than whey alone can.

Phase 3: Casein protein finishes the job by sustaining lean muscle accrual for hours after your protein shake. It's the 1-2-3 punch that you need. No need to slam shake after shake when you'll have muscle protein synthesis going round-the-clock from a single scoop of PES SELECT Protein!

PES SELECT a LEAN muscle formula

As a comprehensive lean muscle formula, PES SELECT Protein brings more to the table than targeted muscle and strength accrual. We're not called Physique Enhancing Science for nothing...

You see, while the superiority of a whey + casein protein blend to a 100% whey protein came as a shock, the craziest surprise was yet to come...

Is your 100% whey protein MAKING YOU FAT?

Ever notice that "bubble gut" you get following consumption of a whey protein shake?

There's more to it than you think. Here's what the science says: 100% whey protein creates a stronger insulin response than almost any other food in existence. 700% more insulin than sugar.

The scientists then took things a step further. When the complex to white bread in humans, they found that the complex caused a 250% greater elevation in Glucose-Dependent-Insulinotropic-Peptide (GIP), a hormone known to cause insulin release, stop fat burning, and lead to the formation of new fat cells when consumed alone, is more fattening than sugar and white bread, then why have we been slamming down 100% whey protein shakes for all these years?

We've been deceived.

PES SELECT Protein WHEY+ CASEIN to the rescue again

Thankfully, recent research shows us that you can still stay anabolic without the fat gain caused by 100% whey protein shakes. Two brand new studies show that it takes over three times the amount of whey + casein blend to elicit the insulin spike caused by whey alone.

Since insulin is our strongest fat-storing hormone, the meaning of this is simple: you store roughly 300% more fat from each 100% whey protein shake versus an equivalent amount of a whey + casein protein blend.

There's a reason the International Whey Conference concluded that a 50/50 whey-casein protein blend is the best protein for athletes: because it not only causes around-the-clock recovery and muscle growth, but it also keeps unwanted fat off and allows the body to stay in fat-burning mode for hours after your workout.

Bringing It Together LEUCINE+WHEY+CASEIN + you

The leading Ph.Ds. and experts in the field agree: a protein powder blend is superior to whey alone. But unlike other milk protein based products, we've enriched each scoop of PES SELECT Protein with PepForm Leucine Peptides to truly deliver the most targeted protein powder out there.

So do you "just whey?" Maybe the answer has been yes for all these years, as it was for me. But it's time to take your training and physique to the next level. Put down that 100% whey protein shake and stop living in the past.

Using the precise ratio developed by our experts, you will finally see the results that all those "wheys of the past" promised. We've done the research. The ball is in your court now. You have the power to SELECT your future physique, and it starts now.

Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Best protein flavor
    I have tried them all. Nothing compares to the texture, mix ability, and flavor of all PES flavors.! great overall product!
  2. Quality
  3. Quality
    Hands Down Best Protein
    This product is easily the best: its the only protein that has a blend true to science - not just whey by itself. Anyone with one second to google whey protein vs blended protein will come across several HUMAN studies showing why a blend (like this one) is better, yet 99% of proteins are whey only. Its like everyones stuck in 1980. It also is easily the best TASTING protein I've ever had, and it doesnt have added fillers like most other proteins. Do yourself a favor, just get this one. You're getting a product thats actually protein and not fillers/flour, its a good price, it tastes better than the others, and its the most effective from a scientific standpoint.
  4. Quality
    Great whey/casein blend
    Like stated above the mixability taste smell and profile are all very good! The only thing I don't like seeing is sucralose on the ingredients list but it's hard to find a decent tasting and low carb protein powder without a sugar substitute. Overall I would recommend this product along with all other Pescience products!
  5. Quality
    Not 30/30
    Almost $30 for sub par protein content. I don't drink milk so I only get 24g protein per shake and this product only offers 27 scoops. That's not even a month.
  6. Quality
    Great protein blend
    This is the best tasting protein I've ever had. The snicker doodle is hands down the best. I love how this is a blend as blends are proven to be superior for recovery. I will definitely continue to purchase this. The only downside is I wish there was a larger tub with more servings
  7. Quality
    Very high quality!
    I use this through out the day and I love it. This is probably the best protein out their right now in my opinion. I have tried all of the other so called best proteins and this one takes the cake. I wish it came in a 5lb container though.

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