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Olympus Labs Superior Protein Muscle Building Edition

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Superior Protein - Muscle Building Protein With 23 G Per Serving! Superior Protein Is A Protein Blend Of Concentrate And Casein! Fast & Slow Releasing Sources Of Protein! Suitable For Men & Women!
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Superior Protein - Muscle Building Protein With 23 Grams Per Serving!


The Story of Superior Protein


Gaia, the Mother of All Life, watches over her chosen King as he prepares for battle against those who would see him fall. The only thing separating the King from the demons that seek to stop him is the Warp Gate. The Warp Gate leads to another dimension, one of purity and enlightenment. With the signal from the King, the Guardians prepare to open the Warp Gate and put into motion the ultimate battle.


It is this inspiration that has spawned Superior Protein. A synergistic bond between two pure beings seeking refuge in the next dimension after battling through a sea of evil. Only by boldly forging ahead can enlightenment be achieved.


Our Formula


Protein supplementation is incredibly popular and because of this, many products are being released that do not have the customer’s best interests at heart. This is what inspired us to create the unique formula of Superior Protein.


Q: There’s tons of protein products already available. Why did Olympus Labs decide to make one as well?


A: Olympus Labs is always looking to push innovation and make good ideas become great. We spent 1.5 years researching and developing our protein to smash through the stagnation of the protein market. By utilizing specific ingredients, we can create a protein formula that is more effective than anything else out there.


Q: What makes it different?


A: Superior Protein is a protein blend of Concentrate and Casein, but we push beyond that by enhancing those staple ingredients with scientifically backed protein boosters. PharmaGABA and Velositol have both been shown to increase the performance of whey protein, and Digezyme has been proven to improve digestion. With this formula we will continue our mission of finding industry limitations and smashing through them to create incredible products.


Q: That sounds great but is it safe?


A: The bottom line is we only make products that we would use ourselves. We are customers just like you and if it isn’t good enough for us, we won’t sell it to you. Superior Protein is 100% safe and more effective than anything else out there.


What Makes it Superior?




When you workout, your body goes through an amazing process. First, during exercise you are destroying your muscle fibers and tissue. Now this sounds like a bad thing, right? But not so fast. Your body reacts to this stress by rebuilding itself better and stronger than before, to deal with that stress more effectively in the future! During this rebuilding phase, we can help our body recover even stronger by feeding it certain nutrients after a workout.


(Visual muscle protein synthesis Pathway #1))


Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) is the process of rebuilding the muscle tissue that has been damaged. This muscle tissue is made up of proteins and this is where Superior Protein steps in and gives your body a major boost!




As I said before, Superior protein utilizes a protein blend of Whey Protein Concentrate and Micellar Casein to increase the benefits.


But what the heck does that mean? Isn’t all protein the same? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Whey Protein Concentrate is a quicker digesting protein full of amino acids and nutrients. It is also absorbed very quickly which is critical right now.


*NOTE* Superior Protein uses WPC80. 13.7g of it yields 80% protein (10.96g) so the formula reflects the TRUE amount of protein found in the formula and DOES NOT include the part that does not contain protein.


(Visual Pathway #5 Concentrates>Isolates)


Eventually WPC80 will run out of nutrients and your body will not be fully recovered. This is where the baton is passed to Casein, a slower digesting powerhouse full of amino acids and nutrients that can last hours longer than WPC80.


Think of Casein as the Tortoise and Concentrate as the Hare. When you combine the two you get a longer lasting and more effective recovery period than you would using them separately.


(Visual Pathway #2 Fast/Slow Digestion)


That sounds awesome, right? But wait, there’s some potential problems (but don’t worry we got this covered!)




Proper digestion is always tricky with supplements and specifically protein. Why drink protein if your body can’t properly break it down and digest it? In steps scientifically backed Digezyme which has been shown to increase protein absorption. Think of Digezyme as a protein producing jackhammer. As protein is ingested, Digezyme smashes it down into much smaller particles allowing for easier and more effective digestion.


(Visual #3 Digestion)


Superior Protein also contains two ingredients scientifically proven to increase MPS (brick building) and lean muscle mass when combined with whey protein.




Velositol supercharges Muscle Protein Synthesis. Recent clinical data showed a 47% increase in MPS for a 20g serving of protein when Velositol was added. This makes the muscle tissue repair system even more powerful and efficient. Users will experience lean muscle gains and fat loss through this process.




PharmaGABA is the other addition and it has been shown to increase lean muscle mass by 817% (no that is not a typo!) over whey protein alone.


(Visual #4 817% Increase)


Using Superior Protein


“When is the BEST time to take it?”


Post workout is an ideal time because of the body’s need for nutrients to repair the muscle tissue. As soon as your workout stops, your body is trying to rebuild, so the sooner you flood it with healthy nutrients and protein, the more efficient the recovery process will be. However, it’s not the ONLY time you can utilize Superior Protein


Here are a few different scenarios:


Bedtime: during the night, your body is going through all kinds of crazy processes, recovering and repairing your body and your mind. What a great opportunity to feed it some extra nutrients! A shake before bed is a very popular time.

Between meals: Most of us just don’t get the daily nutrition we need so protein shakes provide a perfect addition to a regular diet.

Extra meals: some people just can’t gain weight (they are out there!) so they constantly feed themselves. That often leads to poor choices in diet, so a shake is again a perfect alternative.


“Will taking whey protein make me all big and bulky??”


Absolutely not! Real muscle building is a much bigger process. You don’t pack on muscle just from grabbing a dumbbell and sipping a protein shake. It just doesn’t work like that.




Superior Protein can be utilized by ANYONE. It’s safe, it’s effective, and it’s healthy. Superior Protein takes this outdated process and pushes it to the next level to improve your workouts and your overall health.

Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Great Deal on BOGO
    This is a good protein. Tastes good, protein blend, priced right, and it has some extra goodies to help with digestion and protein synthesis.
  2. Quality
    Great taste
    Tastes great. Mixes very well. No complaints. Got it on the BOGO deal. Will buy again.
  3. Quality
    The best for the money.
    I've ordered this BOGO multiple times and have tried every flavor. Tucan twist is my favorite, mocha mermaid my second. Tucan taste like left over milk from a bowl of fruit loops with little bits of cereal. Mermaid has a hint of a coffee taste with cereal bits as well. All of them are descent mixed in water as I do. No stomach issues or bloating because of the added enzymes. As always I get my order the next day. A1 is the best.
  4. Quality
    Product review
    Man the taste of the “Smash N Crunch” is awesome, it even taste great with mixing it with water, also there’s no clumps when mixing. I find myself less sore when taking this product. I still have to see how product works as far as building muscle for me but I have no complaints. Besides product is a bit costly, but A1 supplements made up for it with the buy one get one deal, with that you can never go wrong.
  5. Quality
    Well worth it
    Let me just start by saying that you do not NEED protein powder and it should be SUPPLEMENTED into our diets. Nonetheless this protein was amazing. I ordered Tucan Twist, which was godly and had pieces of "cereal" in it. I chose Smash'n'Crunch assuming it would he similar to Captain Crunch but no, its PB flavored which I could care less for. Still tasted great though. The GABA helped chill me out after the gym from the time in my pre and sometimes felt as if it boosted nootropics. I go early so being able to keep the energy without jitters and a full stomach off just one shake was awesome. No bloating, no upset stomach, no burps, no mudbutt, no protein farts. Quality protein through and through.
  6. Quality
    Great Protein
    This product is great , it mixed great, and easy to drink . Taste is great love it my new favorite protein!
  7. Quality
  8. Quality
    The best tasting protein
    I have tried all the top protein powders and this one is by far the highest quality and best tasting. Highly recommend all flavors are delicious. My favorite is Toucan twist!!
  9. Quality
    High quality, muscle building, extended release protein!
    I'm on my third container of this product. I've always loved Olympus Labs as a company! This protein has fast-acting whey and also extended release micellar casein protein so it stays in your system for up to 7 hours. It also has a couple patented ingredients proven to help with protein synthesis and protein absorption. Lastly it has a patented digestive enzyme blend which will also help with absorption and reduce any discomfort. The only drawback is that it's very expensive, but as long as they have the buy one get one free deal it doesn't make it bad. I highly recommend giving it a try! By the way, I'm a professional natural bodybuilder with a degree in human nutrition from Ohio State University so I know what I'm talking about. I've been competing in powerlifting and bodybuilding for over 20 years. God bless!

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