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Natural Performance Modulator! Reduces DOMS, Elevate IGF-1 Levels, Hormone Accelerator And Generates Lean Muscle!

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MENACE is for serious, driven, dedicated athletes with the “will to win” attitude. MENACE is the new era of performance enhancement supplementation.

  • Increases muscular glucose uptake
  • Accelerates and utilizes subcutaneous fat metabolism
  • Increases and regulates aerobic (oxygen) uptake by muscles
  • Regulates natural metabolism and accelerates hormone productions


MENACE dramatically increases the oxygen uptake by muscle cells therefore increasing red blood cells, allowing the blood to deliver more oxygen to the exercising muscles. The extra oxygen significantly increases the muscle fibers energy production, and in return it can help improve athletic performance output for a longer duration and at a higher intensity. There are more interesting aspects to MENACE, including combating fatigue and causing a drop in PH levels, providing a synergistic Nitric Oxide connection and enhanced nutrient delivery catalyst to stimulate muscle growth.

Red blood cells are specialized types of cells that are loaded with a substance called hemoglobin. This is particularly important to athletes because intense exercise will significantly increase the breakdown of red blood cells.

This is vital because hemoglobin carries molecules of oxygen to the muscles but also transports the metabolic waste “carbon dioxide” from muscle cells through the bloodstream into the lungs where it is exhaled into the atmosphere. This is extremely important because as CO2 levels build up during exercise, this contributes to the onset of lactic acid buildup which results in muscle fatigue, reducing the ability to maintain high levels of exercise / athletic performance. It is crucial for athletes to have high levels of red blood cells to eliminate the CO2 from exercising muscles.

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