Now Double Strength L-Arginine

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Conditionally Essential Basic Amino for DNA Synthesis, Nitric Oxide Precursor!

Essential Basic Amino for DNA Synthesis!


L-Arginine is a popular amino acid for its amazing nitrogen retention ability. Nitrogen as you are all aware is one of the key elements in muscle protein synthesis. Some plants can absorb nitrogen, but we mammals have to make do with the stuff we make ourselves. Arginine is mostly present in protanines and histones, two proteins commonly associated with nucleic acids (like DNA and RNA). So far its main use was for newborns to excite new growth, because at a young age its difficult to manufacture enough. It enhances the immune system , stimulates the size and activity of the Thymus gland (responsible for the fames T-cells) which makes it a prime choice for anyone in a condition that is less than optimal for health.


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  1. Now Double Strength L-Arginine

    I feel like I shouldn't say this because I'm afraid it will get banned, but when paired with L-Carnatine, this does work. I take one, 3 times a day. I feel a pump just sitting at my desk at work. When I work out, my skin feels like it is gonna peel open. LOve this product, will be re-ordering for a long time.
  2. Now Double Strength L-Arginine

    Best bang for the buck, period!
    Best NO supplement on the market, price and pump can't beat it.
  3. Now Double Strength L-Arginine

    effective affordable n.o. product
    cost affordable and highly effective n.o. product. arginine is the ingredient that makes n.o. products workall the other stuff is just hype and xtra cost.

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