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Now MSM 1000 mg

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NOW MSM - Relieve Muscle Pain Caused By Intense Physical Exercise And Exertion.

Relieve Muscle Pain Caused By Intense Physical Exercise And Exertion.

MSM is a biologically active form of organic sulfur found in all living organisms. It is naturally found in varying amounts in raw unprocessed milk, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. MSM is a multi-use supplement that has been used by fitness enthusiasts everywhere. NOW® markets Lignisul brand MSM because of it's high purity levels.

What is Lignisul MSM?

Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound found in our bodies as well as in many common beverages and foods, including milk, coffee, tea and green vegetables. In its purified chemical form, it is an odorless, essentially tasteless, white, water-soluble crystalline solid. It is one of the safest substances in biology, similar in toxicity to water. Lignisul MSM is the first brand of MSM specifically developed as an ultrapure food grade for human consumption as a nutritional supplement. Lignisul MSM is a non-animal-based nutritional supplement and is an all-natural source of MSM. In addition, Lignisul has been certified Kosher-Parve by the Kosher Overseers Associates of America. Naturally-occurring sulfur, such as that found in Lignisul MSM, is not similar to inorganic sulfides, sulfites and sulfates to which many people are allergic.

Where does NOW Foods Lignisul MSM powder come from?

The cycle of MSM begins in the ocean where microscopic plants called plankton release sulfur compounds. These salts are transformed in the ocean water into the very volatile compound dimethyl sulfide (DMS) which escapes from the ocean as a gas. DMS rises into the upper atmosphere, and in the presence of ozone and high-energy ultraviolet light, is converted into MSM. Lignisul MSM is derived from an all-natural source of DMS that originates in pine trees.

MSM is produced by twice oxidizing DMS to form DMSO2, otherwise known as MSM. Unlike the DMS, MSM is very soluble in water, and returns to earth in the form of rain. On earth, plants take MSM into their root systems and concentrate it. MSM and the sulfur it contains is incorporated into the plants' structure. Through the plants' metabolism, MSM, along with other sulfur compounds it has spawned, is ultimately mineralized and transported back to the sea.

  1. Quality
    Great product. Joints stop hurting after first three days.
  2. Quality
    MSM has been a life saver to my husband's arthritis and bad knees and ankles (due to many injuries/surgeries years ago). This along with Now's liquid glucosimine/chondroitin is truly life changing for him. Huge increase in flexibility along with enormous decrease in pain!
  3. Quality
    the joint medication
    I feel that this product is good to use for people who experience joint pain. I use this product on a daily bases taking one pill after my breakfast every morning. I must admit I had joint pain on my left knee and it is start to diminish. Good product at a good price.
  4. Quality
    MSM I am 63 and very critical of claims
    I have had shoulder impingements and degenerating lumbar disc issues in the past. I have now taken MSM for 4 years and at 63 have had little joint pain I work out once a week with weights and kayak regularly. I usually am very critical about claims of supplements but believe MSM has made a difference and allowed me to maintain an increased quality of life without any side effects.

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