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Nature's Plus Ultra Pregnenolone

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Nature's Plus Ultra Pregnenolone - Supplement With Bioperine! Naturally Supports Memory And Hormonal Balance!

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Naturally Supports Memory And Hormonal Balance!

Natures Plus Ultra Pregnenolone is a state-of-the-art nutritional supplement, formulated for maximum benefits. Each ultra-potent, fast-acting capsule combines the highest quality pregnenolone with the powerful, bioavailability-enhancing benefits of activated Bioperine.


Free from artificial colors and preservatives. Free from common allergens yeast, wheat, corn, soy, and milk.


Pregnenolone serves as a precursor to other hormones, including dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and progesterone.


Where is it found?

The cells of both the adrenal gland and the central nervous system synthesize pregnenolone. Human studies show there are much higher concentrations of pregnenolone in the nervous tissue, than in the bloodstream. Animal studies indicate the concentration of pregnenolone in the brain is ten-fold higher than that of other stress-related hormones (including DHEA). Pregnenolone is present in the blood as both free pregnenolone and a more stable form, pregnenolone-sulfate.


Who is likely to be deficient?

Since it is not an essential nutrient, pregnenolone is not associated with a deficiency state.


How much is usually taken?

Pregnenolone is generally available in amounts of 10 to 30 mg. It is not known what an appropriate intake is for humans or whether the benefits of taking this hormone outweigh the risks.


Are there any side effects or interactions?

Due to its antagonistic effects on the GABA receptor in the central nervous system, supplementation with pregnenolone could cause problems in people with a history of seizures. Pregnenolone supplementation may increase the levels of progesterone and DHEA in the body and possibly the levels of other hormones (testosterone and estradiol). In theory, pregnenolone could cause disturbances in the endocrine system, which may manifest as changes in the menstrual cycle or the development or aggravation of hormone sensitive diseases (including breast and prostate cancer). The side effects and interactions with other therapies are currently unknown.

Pregnenolone Benefits

  • Supplementation has shown to enhance cognitive function
  • Early studies show positive results in joint care and repair
  • Improves skin resilience and firmness
  • Production of pregnenolone decreases with age
  1. Quality
    new product for me;works well
    Especially since I use it with DHEA, as recommended by professional sports trainer. NOt your typical BS supplement. Recommend highly with DHEA. It takes a month or so, but you do notice when they kick in.
  2. Quality
    Very fast shipping and this product is amazing.
  3. Quality
    Pregnenolone ha ha i used to think preggo was girlie stuff
    Well with me being a man i am dividing my 50 ml caps into two and now for the past two weeks i have been consuming just 1/2 a cap that is 25 mg of pregnenolone powder under my tongue just after my breakfast, i take it with 25 mg of DHEA powder because the piperine in the Pregnenolone assists with the absorbtion of the DHEA, Whatever these hormones have made a big difference to the quality of my life where i can now move around more free with so much more hope of accomplishing physical activities , where as before my cancer had me drained of much of any real vitality, in the beginning i was somewhat doubtful of consuming these hormonal substances but now there can be no denying the very real lift that i feel that has enhanced my whole lifestyle for the better, i am going to try get my wife started on at least 25 mg of the pregnenolone for starters and also a tad of DHEA, Ok cheers 4 now re terry terry0400-40 TAB.

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