Nature's Plus Ultra Lipoic Mini-Tabs

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Nature's Plus Ultra Lipoic Mini-Tabs - Alpha Lipoic & R-Lipoic Acid Supplement! With Probiotics, Vitality Nutrients & Full Spectrum Whole Foods!

With Probiotics & vitality Nutrients!

Nature's Plus Ultra Lipoic Mini-Tabs delivers 500 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid, and an additional 100 mg of R-Lipoic Acid for total body antioxidant, vitality nutritional support.

Alpha lipoic acid is the premier rejuvenating antioxidant for the widest range of tissues. Proven effective in "high energy" tissues like the heart, brain, kidneys, nerves and muscles, as well as in "low energy" tissues, such as blood cells, connective tissues and endothelium, alpha lipoic acid is a well-rounded whole-body antioxidant.

But Nature's Plus takes lipoic acid supplementation to a whole new level with an additional 100 mg of R-Lipoic Acid for even greater support of high-energy tissues. Cells that need more energy make far better use of R-lipoic than any other form. R-lipoic is the form that targets free radicals in those tissues (heart, brain, kidneys, nerves and muscles), helping them function more cleanly and efficiently. The extra 100 mg of R-Lipoic antioxidant power in Nature's Plus Ultra Lipoic yields an unmistakable sensation of vitality that no other lipoic acid supplement can match.

  1. Nature's Plus Ultra Lipoic Mini-Tabs

    Great for Peripheral Neuropathy
    After about 1 week of use my symptoms gradually diminished. I only take 250 mg a day and that's all I've been taking for last 2.5 months.

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