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Nature's Plus Source of Life GOLD Liquid

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Nature's Plus Source of Life GOLD Liquid - Energy For The Life You Live! The Ultimate Multi-Vitamin Supplement With Concentrated Whole Foods! With Acai, resveratrol, Vitamin D3, K2, CoQ10 & Over 120 Whole Food!
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Nature's Plus Source of Life GOLD Liquid - The Ultimate Multi-Vitamin Supplement With Concentrated Whole Foods!


Nature's Plus Source Of Life Gold Liquid


With revolutionary new all-natural ingredients and more Energizing, Antioxidant, and vitality power than ever before, Source of Life Gold will change your life with an unparalleled Burst of Life and Burst of Health! With an irresistibly delicious tropical fruit flavor, Source of Life Gold Liquid retains the innovative features, high quality and guaranteed potency of the Source of Life Gold line of supplements.

Source of Life GOLD represents the next quantum leap in whole food multivitamin supplementation. Now, Source of Life GOLD builds on all of the natural nutritional technologies embodied in Natures Plus pioneering Source of Life, Source of Life Red and Ultra Source Life formulas.

Complete Daily Vitamin Profile - Complete, high potency vitamins, featuring:


•Vitamin B12 - 1000 mcg for exceptional blood support
•Vitamin A (as beta carotene and mixed carotenoids from spirulina and Dunaliella salina) - Natural sources of vitamin A, including many carotenoid cofactors for superior activity
•Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid; esterified C [ascorbyl palmitate]) - New methods of concentrating the vitamin C in organically grown Indian Amla berry yield naturally occurring Organic Gold Standard vitamin C. Natural ascorbyl palmitate provides even greater vitamin C activity.
•Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) - 1000 IU of vegetarian vitamin D3 maximizes the bone, immune and overall health benefits beyond all other multis.
•Vitamin K2 - Blood supporting and bone building, natural vitamin K2 in the two most bioavailable forms as menaquinone-4 (m4) and menaquinone-7 (m7) for unparalleled efficacy.
•Organic Gold Standard B Vitamins - Innovative new methods of concentrating the water soluble vitamins within organic holy basil, lemon, and guava yields a B-complex blend of unprecedented potency.
•Trans-Resveratrol Complex - from Polygonum cuspidatum, grape seed and red wine (alcohol free).

Organic Mushroom Blend - immune-boosting myconutrients from certified organic whole food mushrooms

Whole Food Omega Fatty Acids - Chia, spirulina, sunflower seed, black currant, borage and flax provide 13 mg of omega and other healthful fatty acids.

More than 120 colorful fruits and vegetables - Natures Plus pioneered the addition of synergistic whole food phytonutrients to vitamin and mineral supplements. Whole food benefits remain a cornerstone of the Source of Life brand. Nowhere is this concept executed with greater abundance and variety than in the Source of Life GOLD line of products. Source of Life GOLD delivers energizing, health-enhancing phytonutrient benefits from more than 120 whole food concentrates and extracts of the worlds greatest green, red, blue, yellow and white fruits and vegetables.

Organically Bound Minerals - Each serving of Source of Life Gold provides a specialized array of organically bound minerals for superior absorption, including whole brown rice amino acid chelates.

Full Spectrum Prebiotic Complex - FOS (fructooligosaccharides), apple pectin, modified citrus pectin, soluble vegetable oligosaccharides, flax

Enzyme-Rich Whole Food Blend - Pineapple, papaya, beet juice, turmeric, parsley, ginger

Amino Acids - a complete array of all essential and non-essential amino acids, from spirulina, Whole Food PhytoAlgae, chia and mineral aminoates
ORAC Value 1250 - Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity is a measure of anti-oxidant activity.


Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    Energy booster
    This is a vitamin I can take and not get side effects. The fillers in pill vitamins do not agree with me. I find the energy I get is well worth the price. I will probably take this for life. It is worth my health.
  2. Quality
    The only thing helping me.
    I have been critically ill for several years, was getting better. Then all of a sudden became incredibly weak. My daughter gave me this plus a mega vitamin. Dr. doing tests. I felt much better then it wore off and becoming weaker again. I hope the tests come back to tell us what is wrong. Meanwhile am continuing to take this "green drink" on his advice (though he doesn't know my brand) and 1000 vitamin D for my kidney disease.
  3. Quality
    Teeth Stain Badly Thanks to "Source of Life Gold Liquid"
    Just after I got my teeth cleaned I began using the Natures Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid. My teeth went from white to very stained and the only difference in what goes in my mouth is the "Life Gold Liquid"! Have done some follow up research and yes, liquid vitamins supplements with lots of mineral content can cause staining.
  4. Quality
    An excellent multivitamin
    This is a complex liquid multivitamin. Because it is a liquid it goes directly to the blood stream and begins to work immediately. I like the way it makes me feel and have used it for quite some time. Liquid Gold multi will help you in your journey to optimum health.
  5. Quality
    change in urine color
    I've noticed change in urine color since I've started taking Source of Life Gold, I just wanna know if that happens to anyone and if it's normal? Overall, I like it.
  6. Quality
    I was told by my Endocronologist to take source of life gold, so I did....the results were amazing....within an hour I could feel the difference. I have recommended it to my friends and told them to buy it here at A1 Supplements, this is the best place i've found on the internet to save real $$$ on this incredible multi
  7. Quality
    Good stuff
    This is an easy way to take a multi vitamin. I find it best chilled.
  8. Quality
    just started!!!
    (3stars only because i just started) Well i just literally started and i can related to taking it on a empty stomach it does have an effect on the brain caused a little discomfort. i just take it as its doing its job in removing the toxins . i do believe the diet will have a great impact while taking this product . meaning the more junk you put in the harder your body will work to get rid of them causing discomfort especially while taking supp's but i like the taste and i have great expectations for this product...
  9. Quality
    Darker Hair
    My co-worker and I have been taking these liquid vitamins about 2 months and not only do we have more energy and feel great, but her completely silver hair is turning dark again around the edges!! Excited to see what's to come. We love this stuff..
  10. Quality
    Does Give You a Little Extra Energy
    I have been taking this supplement for a couple of weeks and I can honestly say that I do feel a bit more energetic when I take it. The flavor is not unpleasant but I wouldn't say it had the most pleasant taste either. It probably tastes best mixed with juice. I took off one star because if I take it on an empty or near empty stomach, I get a nagging headache and some nausea. If I take it after a FULL meal, that doesn't happen. So you really have to keep in mind that this supplement MUST be taken with food. I have been taking this more for energy and general health than for any underlying health issues. This product is rather expensive for the results I've gotten so far. I'm still on the fence about whether I can fully recommend this at this price point.

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