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MuscleTech #Shatter SX-7

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Creatine-Free Pre-Workout to Support Unparalleled Workout Performance! Only Pre-Workout With Peak ATP! Relentless Energy, Power & Muscle Pumps!

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Creatine-Free Pre-Workout to Support Unparalleled Workout Performance!

 MuscleTech #Shatter SX-7 Pre-Workout Supplements


New #SHATTER SX-7 is a creatine-free pre-workout formulated with super-extreme and cutting-edge, premium ingredients that delivers a powerful and unparalleled workout experience. It is unlike anything you’ve ever tried! The unique, clean formula was designed to help you shatter your personal records and workout plateaus.


One of the most powerful clinically studied ingredients in #SHATTER SX-7 is Peak ATP®. Hard-training subjects who supplemented with Peak ATP® in a 12-week human clinical study at the University of Tampa increased strength by 147% more than subjects using a placebo on their combined maximum weight lifted on the bench press, deadlift, and squat. Even better, these same subjects gained 8.8lbs. of lean muscle vs. the placebo group, who only gained 4.6lbs. – that’s 90% more lean muscle. When is the last time your pre-workout delivered those kind of gains?


#SHATTER SX-7 is an extremely potent formula that delivers premium ingredients for an unparalleled workout experience. What’s more, #SHATTER SX-7 delivers a clinically studied dose of Peak ATP (adenosine 5'-triphosphate). New research shows that oral supplementation with ATP in combination with high-intensity training can increase muscle performance, muscle mass, and strength. In fact, researchers believe this occurs through 3 separate ways:

1) By increasing plasma ATP levels in the blood, the ATP compound binds to vascular endothelial receptors, resulting in nitric oxide production to induce extreme vasodilation. This increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscle, which causes the best muscle pumps you will ever experience.

2) Hard-training subjects who supplemented with the precise dose of Peak ATP contained in #SHATTER SX-7 over a 12-week clinical study at the University of Tampa gained 8.8lbs. of lean muscle vs. the placebo group, who only gained 4.6lbs. – that’s 90% more lean muscle.

3) Hard-training subjects who supplemented with the precise dose of Peak ATP contained in #SHATTER SX-7 over a 12-week clinical study at the University of Tampa gained 8.8lbs. of lean muscle vs. the placebo group, who only gained 4.6lbs. – that’s 90% more lean muscle.


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  1. Quality
    Great pump when your hitting the weights hard, when you are on your second set you already feel it and when you get too your last rep you are tight and can barely flex that muscle
  2. Quality
    Pretty damn good
    Couldn't resist this deal, buy one get one and free protein! I've been trying out a lot of different brands of preworkout lately and this is one of the better ones. It's takes a little more time for the energy to kick in, but it's steady and of course no crash. Pumps are okay but the focus you get from this is great. Pink lemonade doesn't taste good at all, especially when using two scoops, but no one drinks preworkout for the taste. Have yet to see if this product does what it claims to do with it's different ingredients. Still giving it 5 stars and will recommend
  3. Quality
    Gives me enough energy, and recovers me very fast.
  4. Quality
    Great deal and fast shipping!
    Shatter sx is a really great deal, they were very prompt in processing my order, and I was able to receive it within a few days. The only downside is the watermelon flavor has a bit of an aftertaste to it.
  5. Quality
    Awesome Pre workout
    great energy, great recovery intra workout.
  6. Quality
    Good deal
    It was buy one get one free so we lucked out! I wish we had purchased both fruit punch, wasn't a fan of pink lemonade! Shipping quick and sealed products! Will order from again! Good pre workout without the crash!
  7. Quality
    this product pure energy I like it, It's the second time I buy it.
  8. Quality
    Great for pre workout beginners/first timers
    Summary: Good for people new to taking stimulant pre workouts. Not good for people who take stimulant pre workouts all the time.

    Well I bought this pre because I was stim free for about 6 months, and heard that is a good starting stim pre. For that purpose it is excellent. The flavors are good, it dissolves ok, and the effects are mild. If you are looking to get into stim pre workouts, have never taken a pre workout, etc. then this is the perfect product for you. If you take stim pre workouts all the time, this is not the product for you. Compared to something like C4, I would call the effects mild at best. I get a ok pump, ok tingle, and ok focus. I'd say it's equal to a half serving of C4.

    The only bad thing I can say is that a serving is 2 scoops, not 1. So each container only contains 15 servings, instead of 30. So in that regard it is actually more expensive than other stim pres that work better. This is the only reason I am giving it 4 instead of 5 stars.
  9. Quality
    Muscletech always give me a surprise
    I think this is better than nanovapor
  10. Quality
    Great pre-workout

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