MuscleTech Phase8 Protein

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Phase8 Protein Powder Provides High Biological Value And Sustained Release Protein! Multi-Phase 8 Hour Protein! Increases Muscle Size And Strength!

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Provides High Biological Value And Sustained Release Protein! Multi-Phase 8 Hour Protein!


Muscletech Phase8 Protein Powder


PHASE8 is designed to do one thing- feed your muscles the highest quality blend of protein available. Each serving of PHASE8 delivers a 26-gram blend of proteins taken from multiple sources with variable digestion rates. The multiple release rates of amino acids feeds your muscles for 8 hours - that's prolonged delivery of key musclebuilding blocks, making PHASE8 the perfect protein for any time of the day - or night.


  • 26g PROTEIN
  • 6 Protein Sources
  • 2.2g GLUTAMINE
  • 4.6g BCAAs


8-Hour Sustained-Release Protein Absorption

The main protein component in PHASE8 has the unique ability to release amino acids in your bloodstream for 8 hours after taking it. Because of these sustained-release properties it's a highly anabolic and anti-catabolic protein that helps create a musclebuilding environment for longer periods of time.


6 High-Quality Protein Sources


Overall, PHASE8 contains protein sources designed to digest at different rates- putting your body in the perfect state for repair and recovery.

Biological Value of Protein Sources


Other multi-phase protein formulas contain protein derived from plant sources, such as brown rice or even soy, and are often loaded with fat and carbs. PHASE8 contains high quality milk-derived protein and has half the fat and carbs of the leading competitor.

Best-in-Class Taste


PHASE8 was flavored by one of the world's top flavoring houses by protein flavoring experts in order to taste better than any other protein on the market.

Take Antime: Morning, Pre-and-Post-Workout and at Night


PHASE8 contains a unique blend of proteins that allows you to take it whenever you need it. The multi-phase protein delivery supplies the needed quick release of amino acids for post-workout amino acid delivery, the medium release protein phase for between meals and the slow-digesting protein phase for night time use- making PHASE8 the perfect choice for any situation.


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  1. MuscleTech Phase8 Protein

    Good tasting chocolate protein hence why I chose to re-order again, it does the job.
  2. MuscleTech Phase8 Protein

    Great for the price
    This is my first phase8 strawberry purchase of anything (due to a throw up incident when I was like 6). The taste is alright and texture is watery, (not milk shakey). The reason I even tried it was A1 had a bogo deal on it. Thanks A1 because I never would have tried it otherwise! Overall, I'm happy with it enough to buy it again but nothing to write home about.
  3. MuscleTech Phase8 Protein

    Great protein very hunger satisfying at night. Keeps you fueling all night while sleeping.
  4. MuscleTech Phase8 Protein

    great Protein
    tried many proteins but phase8 has that great taste, no problems
  5. MuscleTech Phase8 Protein

    Great protein blend
    Great protein formula. You get the benefits of whey & casein protein in 1 serving. Also, the taste is great.
  6. MuscleTech Phase8 Protein

    This protein offers a great taste and a really good texture it mixes really well.

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