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MusclePharm Re-Con - Refuel And Rebuild! Groundbreaking Post-Workout, Improves Muscle Recovery And Reduces Soreness, Significantly Increases Nutrient Delivery!
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Advanced Post-Workout Growth, Recovery and Muscle Building System!

RECON is a unique, high-performance POST-WORKOUT REFUEL, REPLENISH, REBUILD formula. RECON was designed to maximize the most important phase of the athlete's total training program ??" the post-workout phase. That's what those in our game call the "anabolic window". RECON was designed to provide hard-training athletes with everything necessary to nourish recovery and growth from all angles. Every facet of reconstruction nutrition is accounted for in this, our most comprehensive recovery formulation on the market. There is nothing like MusclePharm's RECON.

The brutal truth is, the harder you push your body the better your results will be, given the proper tools to fuel recovery and growth. Your training program is only as good as your post-workout protocol. RECON Reconstruction Matrix leaves no stone unturned in the name of recovery and growth.


Recon Promotes Post-Workout Growth and Repair by:


  • REFUELING Muscle Energy Stores
  • REPLENISHING Vital Nutrients Lost During Intense Training
  • REBUILDING Muscle Tissue by Providing Critical Growth Supporting Nutrients
  • REGENERATING Muscle Tissue by Scavenging Cellular Pollution and Removing Metabolic Waste
  • RELOADING Muscle Cells by Stimulating Nutrient Uptake
  • FEEDING RECOVERY Boost Recovery Mechanisms


RECON is hyper-loaded with glycogen-replenishing, muscle-loading specific carbohydrates (Carb-Max blend), and cellular detoxifiers to prevent catabolism and promote cellular health. RECON also targets key anabolic and recovery pathways within the body to support muscle growth, fuel recovery and maximize the body's adaptive response to hard training.


Advanced Recovery and Muscle Building System:


The most abundant amino acid in the body, glutamine, is known for its muscle-building properties. RECON has over 7 grams of glutamine per serving, along with several other powerful, recovery-supporting agents.

REBUILD Matrix (Anabolic Primer): Research has suggested, time and time again, that Essential and Branched Chain amino acids are critical components of the muscle-building process.

REPLENISHMENT Matrix (Carb-Max blend): Carb-Max blend is a scientifically formulated combination of specific carbohydrate sources, each specifically chosen for its unique energy-yielding properties and recovery supporting capabilities. The Carb-Max blend contains 3 different mono- and polysaccharides, combined to yield rapid cellular replenishment.


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  1. Quality
    #1 for recovery!
    Take within 30min after workout for best results
  2. Quality
    Muscle pharm recon fruit punch
    Directly after workout per recommendation the fruit punch tastes is a bit off
  3. Quality
    Great Post-workout
    Have been looking for a good post workout drink that tastes good. Ever sinc cytocell got taken off the market. Never liked cellmass. Started taking Recon last month tastes great and quickens recovery.
  4. Quality
    Good Stuff
    I use this in the morning before breakfast and after workouts. Helps recovery time instantly.
  5. Quality
    Have been using Recon for a couple of weeks it tastes pretty bad. And sometimes affects my stomach. Isnt a bad product but im not shure on what it all has in it alot of stuff thats for shure.
  6. Quality
    awesome post workout
    I just finished my 3rd week of using this product. The first week I started using this product it was the only thing I was taking for post work out I also take a nitrous oxide pre- work out mix with this. Before using this product I was averaging about 2-3 days of soreness now that I have been using Recon it has been reduced to about a day and I have been able to add a 4th day to my work out wee

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