MRM L-Carnitine 1000

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Supports Energy Production From Fats-Promotes Cardiovascular Health!

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Supports Energy Production From Fats-Promotes Cardiovascular Health!

  • A naturally occurring amino acid
  • Required for the oxidation and transport of fatty acids
  • Supports cholesterol levels
  • Supports cardiovascular health
L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid required for the oxidation and transport of fatty acids. Found mostly in the heart, skeletal muscle and brain, L-Carnitine is synthesized in the body, primarily liver and kidney's, from essential amino acids obtained through the diet. Population studies have shown that vegetarians are commonly unable to meet optimal carnitine needs. Improved lipid transport, may in turn, facilitate weight management, increase exercise performance and balance cholesterol levels. L-Carnitine supplementation has also been claimed to decrease muscle fatigue by preserving muscle glycogen through the preferential use of fat as energy. Theoretically, L-Carnitine could produce great results for decreasing weight and increasing exercise performance.

  1. Quality
    Awesome natural weightoss supplement
    Wow! This is an amazing natural alternative to other caffeine based supplements.I take it one hour prior to my workout and get a nice jolt of energy without that drained feeling afterwards. The bottle stays in the gym bag. Make sure our stays upright or is closed tight. Syndromes the container leaks.

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