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MMX Pre Apocalypse

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MMX PRE APOCALYPSE - Everything You Need To Annihilate Your Workout In One Easy Scoop! Increase ATP Production, Reduce Muscle Fatigue And Promote Nitric Oxide Production!

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The Most Explosive Pre-Workout In History!



It’s basic, right? You gotta hit the gym and your gains won’t tolerate no weak @ss workout. Lock ‘n’ load, take no prisoners and straight up destroy your workout! Become immortal; 'cause average is for the boring and you ain't about that life.

Nothing else can prepare you, this is PRE APOCALYPSE. Everything you need to annihilate your workout in one easy scoop with none of those useless fancy ingredients.  



PRE APOCALYPSE is a no nonsense pre-workout that lets you hit the iron hard. Wake up with our quadruple threat of B Vitamins - B3, B6, B9 and B12 to amp up your metabolism and boost your cardiovascular system.

We know you don’t have time for muscle fatigue, that’s where Beta-Alanine comes in. Beta-Alanine increases strength and power while boosting muscular endurance, bringing your workout to some next level intensity.

We also added Citrulline Malate to get that vascular blood flow, increase ATP production, reduce muscle fatigue and promote Nitric Oxide production.

And you can’t forget Creatine in its most tried and tested form to improve performance in short-burst, high-intensity strength training, so you can pull some mad gains at the gym. Creatine increases muscle mass, strength and size like nobody’s business.
We also included a blend of straight up buzzin’ out of your skin energy with Taurine and Caffeine. Improve your mental focus, energy and body composition with the good stuff.


Mix it with ice-cold water, slam it back, hit the iron, and leave the rest of the [email protected]#king world in your dust! And if you ain’t a newbie, PRE APOCALYPSE is buildable! What’s that mean? It means if you’re a gym rat you can hit up 2 Scoops to double your amp before your workout. Or if you’re an extreme gym veteran you can go up to 3 scoops for an intense workout.


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  1. Quality
    Pre workout
    Great price but gives me absolutely no pump or extra energy to get through my workouts! I have taken many pre workout supplements and the two best for me was the old mesomorph and nitro flex this pre workout was a huge disappointment.
  2. Quality
    Pre Apocalypse
    Great product stayed with me through whole workout and got a great pump out of it. The Price from A1 Supplements was unbeatable. Will definitely buy again
  3. Quality
    Good stuff!
    Gives you the extra push in your workouts!
  4. Quality
    I bought this pre work out for the first time. It gave me so much focus it was unbelievable. I will definitely buy it again
  5. Quality
    Pretty decent stuff
    Definitely not the strongest/most potent stuff I've ever used, but the flavor is there and was dirt cheap
  6. Quality
    A decent preworkout
    I bought this quite some time ago, and forgot to post a review. There are better preworkouts for the price, even after 3 scoops its not at clinical dose levels yet. The taste is what you expect from a cheaper pre-workout, its solid, but a slight after taste. Overall you do feel the energy, but the pump is minimal from this.
  7. Quality
    I leave the house at 425 am and work out before I start working. Well I say that I feel the difference compared to other pre work outs. I started off with 1 scoop then jumped to 3 scoops. It keeps me going and some days I do want to do more, but i can’t because of a small thing called a job.
  8. Quality
    I have 10 years of training, and not for the stims but the pump products I need 2.5-3 scoops to get anything here. It's a great beginner pre which I guess is where all the reviews are coming from?
  9. Quality
    Awesome stuff
    The pump is great, taste is great, mixes great, and the BOGO is rad. What is not to like about this stuff?
  10. Quality
    Pre apocalypse
    Clean energy good flavors cant pass up the bogo will definitely order again

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