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Target Response Athlete's Premium Multi-Vitamin, Adaptogens, And Antioxidants!

Target Response Athlete's Premium Multi-Vitamin, Adaptogens, And Antioxidants!

MVP-365 is an athletes most complete multiple vitamin and is formulated specifically for the high performance nutritional and energy needs of the bigger, stronger and faster. MVP-365 incorporates the most bioavailable forms of vitamins & nutrients including a high potency co-enzymal b-complex, mineral ascorbate vitamin-c, Krebs cycle intermediates & mineral chelates, adaptogens, greens, high potency food sourced antioxidants & phytonutrients. MVP-365 provides optimal nutrient support and protection to combat daily stress and exercise induced free radical damage caused by intense training.

We all strive to eat for optimal health & performance but it's becoming harder and harder to gain and maintain proper nutritional stasis in this day and age. This is due to our overly stressful, high pace lifestyles & environmental pollutants robbing our bodies of vital nutrients. Combine that with the lack of nutrients obtained from our food due to soil depletion and we as athletes are at a major nutritional disadvantage.

Many top sport nutritionists agree that even if you eat a 100% organic diet you may still be nutrient deficient and require supplementation. Think of MVP-365 as the first piece to your Foundation of Health, your insurance policy if you will.

Let's examine what sets MVP-365 apart from the competition

Co-Enzyme B Vitamins provide the highest bioavailability and energy production efficiency of all forms of B's. In order for various forms of B vitamins to be properly absorbed they require conversion into their active co-enzyme forms. Co-enzyme Bs do not require conversion and are shuttled directly to their target sites in their active form. This means more valuable B vitamins are absorbed and utilized for maximum cellular energy production as well as proper carbohydrate, fat and protein absorption, metabolism and utilization.

Mineral Ascorbates are natural mineral chelate forms of vitamin C, all of which have potent vitamin C properties. Mineral ascorbates maintain higher blood levels of vitamin C than ascorbic acid or other common forms of vitamin C due to higher bioavailability through multi pathway absorption. Vitamin C plays many important roles in our bodies. It is a cofactor / co-substrate for eight different enzymatic pathways involved in functions like hormone biosynthesis, collagen synthesis and ATP synthesis via the krebs cycle. Vitamin C is also well known for its role in strengthening the immune system, preventing lipid oxidation, supporting the adrenals and acting as a potent antioxidant.

Krebs Cycle Intermediates are organic acids that are absolutely crucial to energy production in every cell of our bodies. Citrate, Malate, Fumarate, Succinate and Alpha Keto Glutarate all contribute as intermediates in the vital Krebs cycle. MVP-365 incorporates 454mgs of Krebs cycle intermediates chelated to calcium. This not only bolsters the bioavailability of the calcium but also enhances the effects and efficiency of the mineral ascorbates and co-enzymal b vitamins in ATP production.

Adaptogens are unique compounds that increase our resistance to stress. Adaptogens help bring balance and stasis to the body providing a normalizing effect. Adaptogens provide protection to the adrenal glands balancing stress hormones and aiding in proper immune function. The adaptogens in MVP-365 (ashwagandha, astragalus & spirulina) combined with the highly bioavailable co-enzymal bs and mineral ascorbates provide comprehensive adrenal support and protection for exercise induced stress.

Greens are important to aid in maintaining healthy pH and in binding to harmful toxins and cleansing the blood. We have chosen to include cracked cell chlorella for its unique nutrient profile (organically bound beta-carotene, vitamin B-12, chlorophyll, iron, DNA, RNA & zinc) and its ability to bind up toxins for elimination. Spirulina was chosen for its rich polysaccharide content and its unique nutrient profile (including GLA fatty acids, chlorophyll and b-vitamins). Both Spirulina and chlorella display strong antioxidant effects as well.

High potency antioxidants & phytonutients are imperative to the health and well being of any athlete. MVP-365 incorporates high ORAC value, food based antioxidants and phytonutirients to help combat the ravages of exercise induced free radical damage. Standardized extracts of pomegranate (40% ellagic acid), turmeric (95% curcumin), matcha tea (90% polyphenols), blueberry (16% chlorogenic acid), grape seed (95% OPC) and bilberry (25% anthocycanins) combine with alpha lipoic acid, lutein, zeaxanthin, co-enzyme Q10 and the highly bioavailable forms of vitamins A, C and E to make MVP-365 an antioxidant powerhouse.

The "Delivery and Absorption" blend (of MSM, d-ribose, aloe vera extract 200:1, bromelain 2400gdu and papain 2400ups) in MVP-365 provides digestive and assimilation support for the formula. We've added it to ensure that all nutrients are shuttled along nicely through the digestive tract for ultra fast absorption.

Formulated to target the specific needs of athletes MVP-365 is not your typical low potency drug store, grocery store or health food store multi-vitamin. You can actually feel the energy from MVP-365. Whether you are an elite endurance athlete, strength and power athlete, weekend warrior or gym rat, make MVP-365 a cornerstone in your foundation of health! Why buy MVP-365? Because your health and performance depend on it!

When taken together, MVP-365 and ZMK combine to create the most complete and effective athlete nutrient protocol available.

  1. Millennium Sport MVP 365

    Best multivitamin for athletes!
    This is the best multivitamin I have been able to find. Really helps my energy levels and cycling training.
  2. Millennium Sport MVP 365

    Good Qualty Product
    Assimilates very well. Helped me re-establish normal sleep patterns. Helps with recovery - I am a competitive cyclist.

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