Millennium Sport Cordygen NanO2

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O2 Endurance Matrix! ATP/VO2, Oxygen & Endurance!

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O2 Endurance Matrix! ATP/VO2, Oxygen & Endurance!

NEW Cordygen-NanO2 combines our exclusive OxyCeps-NanO2 cordyceps extract & C-NanO2 Drive Matrix to create our fastest acting oxygen utilization and ATP supporting formula to date!

OxyCeps-NanO2 is a powerful, 100% organic, 16:1 extract (equivalent to 9600mg of cordyceps whole herb per serving) of hybrid strain Cordyceps sinensis with a highly reduced particle size (38% nano particle). The higher concentration of active constituents provides superior performance while the reduced particle size ensures rapid absorption and action.

The rapid absorption factor makes Cordygen-NanO2 ideal for those who train early in the morning or can't find time to properly dose the Cordygen5 or Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA products. Cordygen-NanO2 is gentle on the stomach, making it a great fit for those with sensitivity.

Our Cordygen brand cordyceps products are used by top athletes worldwide and are the strongest performance enhancing cordyceps products available. Whether you train as a strength athlete, endurance athlete, MMA fighter, CrossFit athlete or gym rat you'll crush your aerobic and anaerobic plateaus with Cordygen-NanO2

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