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MHP Ultrisine Hardcore

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MHP Ultrisine Hardcore - Increased Fat Loss! Better Appetite Suppression! More Energy All Day Long! Boosts Metabolism In 30 Minutes During Studies!

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Increased Fat Loss! Better Appetite Suppression! More Energy All Day Long! Boosts Metabolism In 30 Minutes During Studies!


Ultrisine Hardcore is a powerful new fat burner offered exclusively at GNC. Supported by 2 gold standard clinical studies, Ultrisine Hardcore was so powerful, it boosted metabolism in 30 minutes#. After 90 minutes, it burned the equivalent amount of calories as:


Running over 2 miles
Walking 5500 Steps
Yoga for 70 minutes
Punching bag 20-30 minutes
Bicycling 25 minutes
Swimming 30 minutes


Utrisine Hardcore is a patented fast-acting fat burner designed from innovative new clinical research. Ina cutting edge muscle cell culture study, key active ingredients in Ultrisine Hardcore were shown to double the production of irisin, a specific fat burning muscle hormone that is believed to support brown adipose thermogenesis, as well as increase AMPK activation, another fat burning muscle protein that is stimulated by physical activity. By activating brown adipose tissue, Ultrisine Hardcore may help shift body fat to an energy source, thus allowing you to lose body fat in just 4 weeks.


University Tested, US Patented Formula
Lose Body Fat in Just 4 WEeks
Enhances Energy & Mood
Reduces Lethargy & Fatigue
Rapidly Boosts Metabolism in Just 30 Minutes
Stimulated Brown Adipose Thermogenesis
May Support Muscle Irisin & AMPK Features Gynostemms pentaphyllum leaf extract, trans resveratrol, 6-paradol, green tea leaf extract and citrus aurantium


In a blinded placebo control experiment, test subjects, both male and female, supplemented with one serving of Ultrisine Hardcore daily for 4 weeks. All participants lives sedentary lifestyle and were instructed to follow their current diet and exercise habits during the duration of the study (free of living study). Using advanced metabolic testing, Ultrisine Hardcore was shown to rapidly boost calories burned in just 30 minutes. After 90-minutes, it burned the equivalent amount of calories as running over 2 miles, or walking 5,500 steps! The test subjects also experienced a 48% reduction in fatigue, enhanced mood, satiety, and lost significant body fat in just 4 weeks!


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