MHP Nighttime Stack

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Build Muscle While You Sleep! The Stack Includes Cyclin-GF - 120 Capsules & Probolic-SR - 2 Lbs.!

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Build Muscle While You Sleep!


The Nighttime Stack is itemized in the shopping cart. The stack includes 1 Cyclin-GF - 120 Capsules & 1 Probolic-SR - 2 Lbs.!


Cyclin GF - Dormant "Muscle Precursor Cell" Activation Sparks MASSIVE MUSCLE GROWTH!


Training takes place in the gym, but muscle growth occurs at night when you are sleeping so nighttime nutrition is critical. No company knows how to maximize nighttime muscle growth better than MHP. Try this customized nighttime anabolic stack so you can experience more growth while you sleep! MHP's research team has developed a nighttime anabolic activator, Cyclin-GF. Our research revealed that it is not one event, one ingredient or one hormone that maximizes the nighttime muscle fiber growth process. There are multiple events that occur in a series and require a cascade of nutritive substrates and promoters to initiate the process and keep it moving along for maximum muscle growth. The process begins with the nocturnal stimulation of GH and IGF-1 followed by peak IGF-2 and testosterone production. Also important is the suppression of cortisol and other growth arrestors. Cyclin-GF is formulated to put you in a deep anabolic REM sleep to trigger the optimal anabolic hormonal cascade so you can literally grow more while you sleep.


Probolic-SR - New Protein Technology Provides 12 Hour Sustained Release!


Most of us sleep 6 to 9 hours, that's a long time to go without eating. In fact, almost everyone wakes up in a catabolic state from the lack of protein intake over so many hours. The solution...Probolic-SR. Probolic-SR's patented 12 hour Sustained Release Micro-Feed Technology and superior Critical Five Amino Acid Score (CFAAS) will feed your muscles and keep you anabolic all night long. Probolic-SR has set new standards in the bio- efficiency and anabolic effects of protein by giving you something no other protein can: a continual 12 hour supply of the most critical amino acids including high levels of Glutamine, Arginine and BCCAs to stimulate muscle growth, improve recovery and prevent catabolic muscle wasting. Drink a delicious Probolic-SR shake 1 to 2 hours before bed to keep your muscles fed. 


Combined together, these two products will help to stimulate your body's natural growth hormones and supply it with the vital protein it needs to BUILD MUSCLE WHILE YOU SLEEP! 


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