MET-RX Arsenal Training Packs

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With Digestive Enzymes, Essential Fats, Aminos, Vitamins & Minerals!

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With Digestive Enzymes, Essential Fats, Aminos, Vitamins & Minerals!

If you think you can get all the nutrients you need to support a serious bodybuilding or athletic training program in one generic multivitamin - think again. MET-Rx Arsenal Training Packs provide the firepower of essential vitamins, minerals, aminos, essential fats, digestive enzymes and other nutrients necessary to stay in the fight.

MET-Rx Arsenal Training Packs offer a full armory of six pills, in their proper softgel and tablet forms. If you're ready to take your training to the next level, add MET-Rx Arsenal Training Packs to your stockpile, specially-formulated for the heavy demands of today's modern warriors.
  • ENZYMATIC BATTERING RAM BLEND - Supports Protein Digestion
  • EFA BULLETPROOF BLEND - Essential for Muscle Cell Structure
  • AMINO BOMB COMPLEX - Essential for Protein Building
  1. Quality
    Great Brand so ingredients are top notch
    seems to work but the fish oil pill leaves a fishy taste for hours after
  2. Quality
    Too many pills
    Just too many pills. And you're suppose to take two packs. That's like 20 pills. I experienced the aftertaste of fish oils for a couple hours after ingesting.
  3. Quality
    Easy on Stomach
    They say two packets a day but I choose just one packet to make it last 45 days
  4. Quality
    Hands down best vitamin pack for the $!
    Arsenal has been a staple in my supplement regimen for over 2 years now. I've tried Nature's Best Vitamin Paks and all kinds of Animal Paks and for the cost and value nothing beats Arsenal. Plus one box gets you 45 days worth of packs!
  5. Quality
    I would buy this product again and again
    I take 2 packs everyday and i get a good performance
  6. Quality
    This stuff works! Awsome!!
    I have used Aniaml Paks for years. I tried the Arsenal and they are 100 times better. Less pills to swallow. You can feel the difference.
  7. Quality
    Arsenal Vitamin Packs
    Its a good daily vitamin pack just too many pills to take at once about 6 pills per serving. Comparing the price to other multi vitamin packs its pretty good.
  8. Quality
    great vitamin pak
    waaaaaay better than animal pak. far superior to any vitamin i have ever taken. plus has a great price. i will use this product over and over again
  9. Quality
    Little Packets of Health
    I use this product directly after a workout along with my protein shake then I go eat a meal. What I have noticed is how after a few days my digestive system was transformed into a very efficient system. Before this product my body was only getting the nutrients it could gain by what I was eating alone it was not getting the essential amino acids unless I was eating certain foods. All that along
  10. Quality
    Great product best multi vitamin !
    The vitamins are great take in the morning you feel great all day!

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