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M.D. Science Lab Max Yummy Cummy

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Enhanced Taste And Smell Of Intimate Fliuds!

Enhanced Taste And Smell Of Intimate Fliuds!

MAXYummyCummy does exactly what it sounds like, makes intimate fluid taste better. The food we eat can have an effect on the way fluids tastes and smell. For example, a diet rich in leafy greens and vegetables can cause a negative effect on the taste and smell of fl uids, making them bitter.

MAXYummyCummy contains parsley and celery which act as odor and taste neutralizers. It is a highly concentrated blend of core fruit extracts and fruit concentrates. The high concentration of fruit will enhance the flavor and smell of intimate fluids, giving them a sweet, fruity taste for both to enjoy.

  • Enhanced taste and smell of intimate fluids, fruity and sweet.
  • Contains parsley and celery to neutralize any bad odors and /or tastes.
  • Immediate result: sweeter intimate fluids after a few days.
  1. Quality
    Chef Bob from the forums
    Hey gang, ill keep short and to the point. this product is overpriced and it didnt change the flavor of my boyfriends cum.
  2. Quality
    been told it taste yummy of using this how ever never have been told otherwise in the past but worth just taking it

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