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Rhodiola from LiveLong Nutrition™ contains a research-grade extract of Rhodiola Rosea, clinically studied for its effects on mood, stress and physical endurance. Found originally in the mountains of Siberia, Russians have used this unique herb for centuries for its adaptogenic properties, proving to be a very useful tool in the support of a healthy mood, reduced stress and increased ability to sustain intense exercise. Since its discovery, and successful use by locals in the remote region of Russia, many clinical studies have taken place in order to isolate the active ingredient in Rhodiola that gives it its unique mood and endurance support. LiveLong Nutrition™ has sourced an extremely high potency and purity extract of Rhodiola, containing 3% Rosavins, ensuring delivery of consistent and effective results.


Rohdiola Rosea, standardized for Rosavins, has been clinically studied to investigate its effect on mood and stress. Due to its unique effect on several transmitters, including Serotonin, Dopamine and Noepinephrine, it shows great promise to support a positive outlook. In particular, its effect on Serotonin seems to be very pronounced. What is unique about Rhodiola, is that it balances these neurotransmitters, rather than simply elevating them, which can lead to side effects such as irritability, sleeplessness and depression. To the contrary, Rhodiola’s benefical balancing effect allows for a smoother mood, while decreasing side effects. Rhodiola is also a powerful agent in the support of healthy stress levels. Rhodiola Rosea has a pronounced effect on adrenal systems, and balances the stress hormone, Cortisol. By promoting Cortisol levels within a healthy range, Rhodiola aids, over the long term, in supporting healthy stress response.


Rhodiola Rosea has been extensively studied for its acute benefit to endurance athletes, and the results speak for themselves. Rhodiola exerts its effects on physical work capacity through several pathways, making it an invaluable ally in the battle of building a better body. Rhodiola has been clinically tested to determine its exact effects upon endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular, aerobic benefits. Rhodiola may increase endorphins by inhibiting met-enkephalin, an enzyme that quickly breaks down endorphins in the bloodstream. Maximal oxygen uptake has also been a major point of interest in Rhodiola studies, due to its effect on mitochondria and muscular contraction in hypoxic (low oxygen environment) situations. It may be that Rhodiola greatly increases the body’s utilization of oxygen and delays the lactic acid response to exercise, providing a boost in endurance and cardiovascular capacity.


Rhodiola from LiveLong Nutrition™ provides clinically effective dosages of the active ingredients found in Rhodiola Rosea, which supports a healthy mood, balances out stress levels, and enhances endurance while fighting fatigue and lethargy. If you are looking for a natural and effective tool to manage your mood and at the same time increase physical capacity, then look no further than Rhodiola from LiveLong Nutrition™!

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