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Unleash Your Genetic Excellence!

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Unleash Your Genetic Excellence!

Resveratrol from LiveLong Nutrition™ contains a research-grade extract of trans-resveratrol obtained from Polygonum cuspidatum, also known as Japanese Knotweed. The benefits of Resveratrol continue to pour in as the research progresses, suggesting an abundance of benefits ranging from supporting a healthy inflammation response to increased endurance, metabolic optimization and longevity promoting effects. Resveratrol is suggested to affect numerous systems in the body, including mitochondrial energy production, adipocyte lipolysis (the release of fat from storage), increased glycogen production in muscle tissue, and support for a healthy immune system. Resveratrol has become one of the most studied supplements of the new century and it’s for good reason. It’s also quickly becoming a staple for athletes to help shed fat, increase muscular endurance, while at the same time it has become a mainstay with vitality enthusiasts looking to support their health.


AMPk (Adenosine Monophosphate Kinase) is a signaling molecule in the body that is activated during bouts of physical performance. It influences a host of metabolic mechanisms including lipolysis, glycogen storage in muscle tissue, and mitochondrial energy output. Put simply, AMPk flips a switch at the molecular level that burns fat, supports muscle performance and ramps up endurance, while fighting fatigue. For those wishing to flip their genetic switches and turn their bodies into fat-burning furnaces that can power through long and intense workouts, AMPk activation may be intriguing. Resveratrol is suggested to activate AMPk, and by doing so, it may support performance and promote healthy body composition and insulin sensitivity, which leads to leaner, faster, stronger athletes.


It has been established for some time now, that the Sirtuin enzyme system is one of the most crucial pathways to affect ageing at a molecular level. Science suggests that activating the Sirtuin pathway supports health in several species, and research in mammals is still ongoing. Researchers first noticed that caloric restriction supported the lifespan of rodents significantly, and decided to dig deeper and discover how exactly this phenomenon occurred. What they discovered was about to change the way we look at ageing forever. It has been observed that lifespan increases found through caloric restriction occur due to the activation of the Sirtuin enzyme system. In essence, this research suggests that supporting health can happen through caloric restriction, by activating the Sirtuin system, and that activating the Sirtuin system via herbal intermediates may also have an effect. For those wishing to support healthy and well-being it may be that Resveratrol holds great promise.


Resveratrol from LiveLong Nutrition™ is an extract of Japanese Knotweed that may support a significant effect on body fat, lean muscle mass, muscular endurance and even longevity. Whether you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast who wants to perform at maximum capacity and shed unwanted pounds to reveal a leaner physique, or whether you are a health-conscious consumer wanting to support Sirtuin activation and antioxidant protection, Resveratrol from LiveLong Nutrition™ may be for you!

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