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Sugar Alternative!

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Sugar Alternative!

Palatinose - for a low glycemic and prolonged energy Hydrolysis and absorption in the body is complete but much slower compared to sucrose and other sugars. Leads to a low glycemic and low insulinemic response Blood glucose level does not fall below baseline and therefore does not show a hypoglycemic undershoot common with regular sugars Energy in the form of glucose appears in the blood more slowly and with an extended duration reflected by a lower but longer curve than that of sucrose Provides the same caloric value as sugars like sucrose or glucose Natural energy that lasts longer With its slow but complete absorption and hydrolysis, palatinose provides a constant and extended stream of energy out of its caloric value of 4kcal/g for muscles and brain. This new source of energy lasts over a longer period of time compared to quickly absorbed carbohydrates. An ideal product property for today's life demanding full mental and physical performance. Support in weight management With a very low glycemic and low insulinemic response, palatinose can help to avoid peaks and lows in blood sugar and blood insulin. A product feature that supports consumers efforts to reduce snacking and overeating. As high insulinemic diets forther favour fat storage and may even lead to insulin resistance and obesity, low insulinemic diets could promote fat oxidation whereas low glycemic diets may delay meal initiation.

  • Sugar Alternative
  • Does Not Promote Tooth Decay
  • Lower Glycemic Index
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