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Support A Healthy Inflammation Response!

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Support A Healthy Inflammation Response!

OMEGA-D3™ from LiveLong Nutrition™ combines the health benefits of clinically studied essential fatty acids with Cholecalciferol, the active form of Vitamin D. This advanced formula works synergistically to support health, well-being, aging, and body weight management. Both ingredients contain powerful properties, and when formulated together in combination, they augment one another’s benefits to support a healthy inflammation response. In order for your body to perform optimally, whether you are a professional athlete, or a stay at home parent, it is essential to consume both essential fatty acids, and Cholecalciferol, in order to maintain and support health, fitness, body mass and mental focus. OMEGA-D3™ provides these two essential nutrients into one clinically advanced formula, exclusively from LiveLong™ Nutrition.


OMEGA-D3™ from LiveLong™ Nutrition contains highly purified, clinically studied essential fatty acids known as Omega-3’s. The two Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are considered essential because the human body must derive these critical nutrients through diet alone because they cannot be created from other fatty acids in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids have become a staple supplement for everyone, from hardcore bodybuilders to marathon runner to every day health-conscious consumers. That’s because the science backing their health promoting benefits continues to pour in. What’s more, these two essential fatty acids regulate fat burning and cellular health, which may enhance fat loss, especially stubborn body fat, due to the increased need for these nutrients in order to release and burn fat. Omega-3 fatty acids have also been suggested to positively affect several other critical health aspects such as supporting healthy cholesterol levels already in normal range. Simply put, there are countless benefits to taking a high quality Omega-3 supplement, and OMEGA-D3™ contains a precise ratio of these two nutrients in order to support health, fitness and fat loss.


Cholecalciferol is the active form of Vitamin D3, and is vastly superior to Ergocalciferol, a plant-based Vitamin D that must be activated prior to its use in several critical body processes. Vitamin D3 can be created by exposure to sunlight on the skin, but for many of us in less than optimal parts of the world, supplementation with this vitamin may become critical in order to reap the benefits of advanced D3 levels. Optimized vitamin D3 levels play an essential role in many different processes in the body and recent clinical research suggests it may be one of the keys to supporting feelings of well-being, mood, bone and mineral metabolism, and promoting cardiovascular health. If advanced health support is your goal, Vitamin D3 has become one of the most important nutrients your body will need.


OMEGA-D3™ from LiveLong™ Nutrition contains two essential nutritional supplements that work synergistically, combined together into one product. In order for Vitamin D3 to be absorbed effectively, a sufficient amount of fatty acids must be present in the stomach at the same time. Due to the fat-based nature of OMEGA-3’s, the Vitamin D found in OMEGA-D3™ may be absorbed significantly better than Vitamin D taken alone. While the benefits of both these nutrients is undeniable, a certain synergistic response occurs when both nutrients are combined into one powerful supplement. If your health and well-being is critical to your goals, then the essential nutrients formulated together into OMEGA-D3™ will be exactly what you need to support your active and healthy lifestyle!

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