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What is Noni?

The small evergreen tree called Noni (known by scientists as Morinda citrifolia) grows on many Polynesian islands. It grows especially well in volcanic soil and is therefore especially abundant in Hawaii. For the last fifteen hundred years it has been used by traditional Polynesian healers, and is considered by many islanders to be the most important and sacred of their herbs.

What is Noni used for?

In the Western world, interest in this Polynesian herb began with the discovery by a biochemist named Ralph Heinicke that Noni contains two important compounds, proxeronine and proxeronase. When they undergo digestion in the human stomach they combine to form an alkaloid called xeronine, a substance that appears to promote healthy cell division and growth. Moreover, xeronine seems to enhance cell membrane permeability, which may increase the body’s absorption of various key nutrients, many of which Noni also possesses, thereby boosting their potency.

For instance, Noni contains biologically active compounds called anthraquinones that not only kill parasites, fungi, and microbes, and that also reduce inflammation, making it potentially useful as an infection-fighter and pain-reliever. One of these anthraquinones may also inhibit the rate of tumor growth as well by interfering with a process called angiogenesis, in which tiny blood vessels "feed" the tumor’s development. Other anthraquinones reportedly decrease the severity of gout and kidney stones by impeding the formation of urinary crystals.

A considerable body of research points to the ability of plant sterols to lower cholesterol and even promote prostate health. Since Noni contains three of the most important sterols, campesterol, betasitosterol, and stigmasterol, his possibly explains reports of Noni’s apparent ability to improve cardiovascular health as well as to decrease the symptoms of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy), a condition that often afflicts middle-aged men.

Another fascinating class of compounds present in Noni are the glycosides, medicinal sugars (yes, there really ARE certain sugars that are good for you), chief among them asperuloside, a substance noted for its seeming ability to reduce water retention, varicose, and even hemorrhoids. Some scientists believe that it might also be of benefit in preventing harmful cell changes that promote the development of cancer.

Although the mechanism of action is unknown, Noni possibly possesses another characteristic that may be of use to athletes and those others troubled by fatigue. In studies in which mice were dosed with Noni, they swam longer than their counterpart given only a placebo, in some cases as much as fifty percent longer. Balance and flexibility reportedly benefited as well.

Noni contains a vast number of other potentially important substances,far too many to discuss or even list here. The main concept to grasp is that because of its unique nutritional profile, Noni may amplify the beneficial effects of these phytonutrients, a characteristic that might explain why Polynesians have long regarded it as a virtual panacea for a long list of health conditions.

How is Noni taken?

Most people consume in juice form, drinking an ounce or so of Noni in the morning on an empty stomach, although others with certain health concerns opt to take another ounce later in the day. Please note that most people say that Noni tastes bad. It might be best to dilute it in water or some other fruit juice. Refrigerate it after opening.

Noni capsules are also available,although less data exist on the efficacy of this form of Noni. Follow the dosage directions on the label if you prefer to go such a route.

Is Noni safe?

As of this writing, Noni appears to be safe, although those taking medication or who have any pre-existing health condition should always speak with a physician before using this or any other supplement.

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