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What is grape seed extract?

Scientists believe that the plant known as Vitis vinifera or the grape vine originated in Asia a hundred million years ago. Ten thousand years ago, near the end of the Stone Age, human begins began to raise grapes, and now they are found on every continent in the world except for Antarctica.

Just as the grape possesses enormous cultural
and even religious significance for many societies, a family of dark blue compound located inside its seeds, bioflavonoids known technically as oligomeric proanthocyanidins or more commonly as grape seed extract, also holds great importance for a number of researchers and scientists who believe that they offer great promise in fighting disease.

What is grape seed extract used for?

An increasing amount of scientific data point to inflammation as a key culprit in many degenerative diseases, not just the obvious ones such as arthritis, but also in other conditions, including Alzheimer’s Disease and atherosclerosis.

Grape seed extract appears to inhibit a protein, NF-kB, responsible for much of the body’s inflammation. This may explain why, in one 2009 study, grapes seed extract given to laboratory mice helped to decrease the buildup of brain plaque linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Moreover, studies suggest that Type 2 diabetics administered grape seed extract often see a dramatic falloff in CRP, a chemical in the blood strongly associated not only with inflammation but with atherosclerosis, more commonly known as hardening of the arteries.

Grape seed extract might promote cardiovascular health in other ways, as well. Several years ago, scientists at the University of California at Davis conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving grape seed extract given to two dozen hypertensive test subjects who also suffered from high insulin and blood sugar levels. After one month those subjects who received grape seed extract saw an average reduction in their systolic pressure of twelve points and of eight points in their diastolic pressure, all without the side effects typically associated with prescription drugs.

Of course, one significant contributor to the risk of heart disease is obsesity, and here too grape seed extract just might have something to offer. A 2003 report indicates that cultured fat cells (technically known as adipocytes) that are treated with grape seed extract see an inhibition of amylase, an enzyme responsible in large measure for the body’s absorption of dietary fat.

Similarly, scientists found that rats dosed orally with grape seed extract exhibit an increased tendency to burn fat rather than to store it. This is attributed to greater amounts of lipoprotein lipase in muscle tissue, which causes metabolism to shift from fat storage to fat burning.

Another example of grape seed’s potential usefulness relates to collagen. Recall that collagen is to human beings what mortar is to a brick wall: it is the glue that holds the trillions of cells that comprise your body together. With the passage of time—that is, with aging—collagen tends to lose its elasticity. But recent laboratory research indicates that grape seed extract acts as a bonding agent that toughens collagen by boosting its tensile strength. This might explain the claims of many users who report that grapes seed extract has helped with a number of troublesome conditions, from sagging skin to sore joints to varicose veins.

How is grape seed extract taken?

Consumers typically use grape seed extract in either tablet or capsule form, although some companies also offer liquid versions.

Amounts of grape seed extract taken typically range from fifty to a hundred milligrams by mouth three times per day. Some scientists claim that grape seed extract might work even better if taken with vitamin C, although more research is needed in this area.

Is grape seed extract safe?

Grape seed extract appears to be quite safe for most people. However, those who use prescription blood-thinning medications such as Coumadin should definitely check with their doctor before using it.

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