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What is chlorophyll?

The green plant pigment we call chlorophyll is arguably the most important substance in all of creation, since plants use it to take the energy of sunlight and convert carbon dioxide into the oxygen that sustains all life on Earth.

What is chlorophyll used for?

Oddly, chlorophyll has a chemical profile almost identical to that of human blood. In some ways this is hardly surprising, since chlorophyll is to plants what blood is to animals. The main difference between chlorophyll and blood is that the central atom in blood hemoglobin is iron, whereas in chlorophyll the central atom is magnesium. Otherwise there is little difference between the two, and this has prompted many scientists to wonder if chlorophyll might play a role in human health. The answer appears to be a resounding yes.

For instance, research reveals that chlorophyll acts as an anti-mutagen, protecting the DNA, that is, the genetic code, of cells to prevent harmful, potentially pre-cancerous changes. This in part may explain why eating lots of green vegetables seems to help reduce the risk of many diseases.

Because of chlorophyll’s anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, this pigment plays a role in promoting the growth and repair of tissues, as well as efficiently delivering magnesium and assisting blood in carrying oxygen to all cells and tissues.

The chlorophyll molecule seems to possess a chemical affinity for heavy metals such as mercury. This possibly explains why chlorophyll-rich nutrients such as chlorella are so useful in chelating (that is, binding and removing) these deadly substances from the human body. The increase in heavy meals in our environment, particularly in coal exhaust and in otherwise nutritious seafood, makes this a very pressing concern.

Scientists believe that chlorophyll has genuine potential to stimulate red blood cells to improve oxygen supply to promote healthy tissues. This makes chlorophyll of possible use to those suffering from oxygen-deficient states, particularly those who have congestive heart failure and asthma, as well as those with emphysema and other forms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (or COPD). Interestingly, some athletes contend that chlorophyll supplements may help to boost their lung capacity as well.

Significantly, chlorophyll acts as a powerful free radical scavenger, or antioxidant, neutralizing reactive substances that lack an electron and are therefore highly damaging to the body’s cells. For this reason, as well as the prospect of improved oxygenation, chlorophyll may be of particular interest to smokers who have not yet overcome their addiction.

Of more immediate practical use to some people is chlorophyll’s natural detoxifying and deodorizing properties. A little bit of chlorophyll can very quickly freshen the breath, which can be of considerable social benefit to those who have just consumed smelly (but nutritious) foods such as garlic, as well as those who have more stubborn issues such as halitosis. Also, doctors frequently recommend chlorophyll supplementation to those with odor problems related to medical conditions such as colostomies.

How is chlorophyll taken?

The most obvious strategy to get more chlorophyll is to eat more green plant food. Unfortunately, cooking often destroys chlorophyll, not to mention that some people may benefit from extra amounts. Therefore some people find it expedient to take extra chlorophyll, sometimes in the form of an alfalfa-derived liquid or alfalfa capsules. Others find it helpful to take extra additional chlorophyll as enzyme- and protein-rich chlorella, which appears to be especially good for those with issues related to heavy metal. The amount taken will vary considerable depending on the product. In all cases follow the label directions.

Is chlorophyll safe?

The answer to that question is undoubtedly yes, with one big exception: Those on the blood thinner Coumadin must talk with their doctor before using this nutrient.

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High-Quality Chlorophyll Supplements Are Available From A1Supplements.com. Go To The Full Chlorophyll Product Listing!

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