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1. What Is The BEST Vitamin For Children?

For starters, because kids are often less than enthusiastic about eating their vegetables, consider making a good children’s multivitamin formula the foundation of their supplement regimen. Look for a children’s multivitamin that has ample amounts of vitamin C for immune function and collagen formation, a potent B-complex to help promote proper brain function, and lots of vitamin D for healthy bone growth.

A children’s multivitamin should also contain appropriate levels of trace nutrients such as zinc, selenium, chromium, and so on. But remember that iron overdose is the second leading cause of fatal poisoning in small children, so keep all iron-containing formulas out of their reach.

Most children’s multivitamins have relatively little calcium and magnesium, so you might consider getting some sort of a chewable or liquid children’s calcium/magnesium formula as well. Remember that these are the years in which your child is laying down bone tissue for a healthy skeletal system.

The amount of calcium and magnesium thatyour child obtains, whether from diet or from supplements, will play a major role in his or her bone health as an adult. Moreover, both calcium and magnesium play major roles as potent regulators of nerve, muscle, and heart function. Several good-tasting liquid and chewable forms are available.

2. What Else Is Important?

Both parents and doctors increasingly recognize that omega-3 fatty acids constitute a nutritional “must have” for children. Research shows quite strongly that an adequate of omega-3, whether from fish oil (the best source) or flax oil, plays a supportive role in the proper development and growth of brain and eye tissue. Emerging data suggest that omega-3 supplementation may not only improve vision and IQ in infants and children, it might even help lessen problems associated with Attention Deficit Disorder and impulsive behavior, plus be of aid in the fight against allergies and eczema. Fortunately, over the last few years supplement makers have introduced to the market a number of good-tasting chewable and liquid omega-3 formulas.

A potential problem that faces children has to do with the overuse of antibiotics in modern society, and how it may contribute to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria. This is where supplementation with immune-enhancing and antibacterial nutrients such as echinacea, astragulus, and goldenseal can play a useful role—the stronger your child’s resistance to infection, the less likely he or she is to require antibiotics and other potentially dangerous medications.

In addition, many parents seem to find chewable vitamin C and zinc lozenges of considerable use in helping their children fight minor ailments such as colds. Remember that the earlier such nutritional approaches are taken in the course of an illness, the more likely they are to be of benefit.

3. Here Are A Few Other Natural Remedies Sometimes Found To Be Helpful With Common Childhood Health Problems:

For childhood nausea consider using probiotic formulas that contain friendly bacteria such as acidophilus and bifidus, plus either liquid or chewable ginger supplements. These supplements can help restore intestinal balance, and (in the case of probiotics) help protect from the side effects of probiotics.

Ear infections in children can be notoriously difficult to treat. However, ear drops with garlic oil can be useful in fighting infections, given the natural germ-killing properties of garlic, and may help avoid the overuse of antibiotics.

Not only does xylitol serve as a good-tasting, all-natural substitute for sugar, it has been shown in many studies to help prevent cavities. More and more candies and gums flavored with xylitol are appearing on the market, as well as kids’ mouthwashes and toothpastes. This is one supplement kids definitely like the taste of!

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High-Quality Children's Vitamins Supplements Are Available From A1Supplements.com. Go To The Full Children's Vitamins Product Listing!

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