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Black Cohosh

What is black cohosh?

The perennial plant known as cimicifuga racemosa, or black cohosh, belongs to the buttercup family. It grows in the eastern half of North American, and for centuries before the arrival of the white man was used by American Indians as an herbal tonic.

What is black cohosh used for?

American Indians traditionally utilized black cohosh as a healing herb for maladies such as arthritis, malaria, sore throats, colds, constipation, hives, backaches, as well as to induce lactation in nursing mothers.

Modern scientists have validated many of these uses of black cohosh, both through observational studies as well as through controlled clinical trials. For example, Germany’s Commission E now endorses black cohosh for the treatment of a number of women’s health issues, ranging from Premenstrual Syndrome to dysmenorrhea to menopause symptoms such as hot flashes. It is this because of this last health issue, menopause, that black cohosh has found its greatest acceptance by millions of women world-wide.

Black cohosh seems to work best on such menopause-related complaints as hot flashes, night sweats and subsequent sleep disturbances although it also appears to aid additional problems such as nervousness and depressive moods. For instance, one study randomly assigned over 300 menopausal women either black cohosh or a placebo, and after twelve weeks those who received the actual herbal extract experienced a lessening of symptoms involving hot flashes, nervousness, and so on. The researchers contended that the effect was comparable to benefits derived from hormone replacement therapy.

Other scientific work has yielded similar results. Generally, the studies suggest that black cohosh can bring about an overall reduction of around fifty percent in the frequency and intensity of hot flashes, as well as promote better sleep, decrease fatigue, and reduce abnormal sweating.

Just how black cohosh works remains something of a mystery. Some researchers believe that black cohosh shows estrogenic activity, although there is no agreement regarding this. Evidence exists that black cohosh may contain at least one serotonin-boosting compound.

How is black cohosh taken?

Black cohosh can be taken as a tea, a liquid extract, and as a pill. Most women prefer the latter form for its convenience. Look for one that has been standardized. Also, keep in mind that some women do better when they take black cohosh in formulas that contain other herbs such as dong quai and soy isoflavones, which may provide additional benefits.

Is black cohosh safe?

Black cohosh appears to be safe. In addition to its apparent effectiveness, this is a major reason many women concerned about the possible dangers of synthetic hormone replacement turn to it. Of course, if you take any prescription medications or have a pre-existing health condition, then always seek guidance from your physician before taking black cohosh.

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High-Quality Black Cohosh Supplements Are Available From A1Supplements.com. Go To The Full Black Cohosh Product Listing!

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