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Helps Support Healthy Joint Function, Heart Health, & Normal Sleep Patterns!

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Helps Support Healthy Joint Function, Heart Health, & Normal Sleep Patterns!

Rich in Anti-Oxidants to Support a Healthy Body
The "after-burn" following a good workout, run, or sports session
is often all the proof we need that we gave things our all. When our body aches, we know we've pushed it to the limit. In the absence of pain, clearly we weren't working hard enough.

But what happens when the post-workout burn over-extends its stay? What if on day two or three, when we're ready to exercise again with a fresh, rejuvenated body, we're still aching from our last session? Now the muscle soreness that was once a badge of honor is nothing more than a stumbling block along our path to physical fitness. Our joints are too stiff to exercise again, so we take a day off... and then another... and then another. You get the picture.

Exercise-induced soreness is normal, but...
Adding a natural, recovery-promoting product to your routine
can help minimize the soreness you feel after vigorous activity so you're always ready to go the next time around. Labrada's new Tart Cherry anti-oxidant should be taken for this very reason. Containing rich natural compounds that have been suggested to promote a healthy inflammation response after the gym, Tart Cherry can help speed up your recuperation time in between workouts or other bouts of physical activity. Reports on the main compounds in Tart Cherry support its ability to do so: In one study that tested the efficacy of tart cherry juice in reducing the results of exercise-induced muscle damage, strength loss and pain were significantly less in the cherry juice trial versus placebo. This suggests that Tart Cherry has the potential to support recovery from exercise induced-muscle damage, thus allowing your body to adapt faster to increasing exercise demands. Bottom line: You can continue to exercise as scheduled, maintain your desired level of physical activity, and stay on track with reaching your goals.

It's not just about reducing soreness
As a natural supplement for supporting a healthy inflammatory response
and containing anti-oxidant health properties, Tart Cherry may help promote healthy joint function.

So much power in a fruit so small
So why Tart Cherry? Everyone is familiar with cherries
- but not everyone may realize that they are rich in phenolic compounds, which are being examined for their potentially beneficial health-supporting effects. Most notably, the anthocyanins extracted from cherries have been suggested to exhibit anti-oxidative properties. Cherries also contain other interesting substances that, when combined, may make this fruit a powerful tool in supporting health.

Labrada's Tart Cherry contains 1200mg Cherry Pure in two capsules, the equivalent of approximately 80 cherries. Prepared from mature, clean, Montmorency tart cherries, this pure fruit concentrate is free of artificial flavors, colors or additives.

Watching your weight and cardiovascular health?
Animal studies suggest that intake of tart cherry,
due to its rich content of anthocyanin, may have beneficial effects on supporting healthy metabolism. In these studies, results suggest that the tart cherry supplementation helped support healthy blood lipid levels already in normal range, as well as supporting healthy body composition. While studies are still out on the effects of Tart Cherry on humans, first-hand accounts and testimonials from people already using the product are promising.

There's a lot more to learn about tart cherries - for example, their role in supporting normal sleep patterns. Because tart cherries are one of the few food sources of the sleep hormone melatonin, they may actually promote sleep quality.

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