Labrada Super Charge 5.0 Pre-Workout

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Pre-Workout Energy Drink Mix! Massive Pump, Increased Endurance, Strength, Recovery And Helps Reduce Muscle Breakdown!

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New Labrada Super Charge 5.0 Pre-Workout Energy Drink Mix!


Labrada Super Charge 5.0 Pre-WorkoutFor Labrada Nutrition founder Lee Labrada, developing the most effective sports nutrition supplements is a passion. Lee brings the same pursuit of excellence to the design of his sports supplement line thathe did to developing his classic, world-renown, Bodybuilding Hall of Fame physique.

“The latest development from my R&D Team has been three years in the making. It’s a complete reformulation of our Super Charge! Pre-Workout supplement. Although the existing Super Charge! formula is great, I asked my Team how we could make it even better. To accomplish this, we essentially broke the formula down to its       most basic parts, in a similar fashion to how a mechanic breaks down a high-performance race car engine. We then rebuilt the formula from the ground up. The result is truly amazing.


We have developed a pre-workout supplement that not only produces better workouts than any other product we have tested, but also provides all of the key bodybuilding supplements a serious athlete could want, in effective, result-producing amounts.


Super Charge! is not merely a pre-workout... It’s truly an all-in-one, once-a-day performance enhancing powerhouse!” – Lee Labrada

Super Charge! is head and shoulders above any other pre-workout on the market, for many reasons. For starters, we provide over 10 performance enhancing actives, in the same effective amounts that are backed by human studies. None of this pixie dust sprinkle stuff you find in some other pre-workouts. It’s all clearly spelled     out on the label, concise and precise. Super Charge! is made in a certified cGMP and FDA inspected facility, and like all Labrada products, tested by a third party independent lab to confirm that it meets label claim. If you’re looking for a product that makes all of the difference in terms of strength, endurance, and                           performance,look no further. Super Charge! is IT!

What makes NEW Super Charge! the BEST pre-workout supplement available today? Super Charge! contains EFFECTIVE AMOUNTS of 10 performance enhancing ingredients, formulated in accordance with the dosing guidelines of published human trials and studies.

Super Charge! DOES NOT CONTAIN ineffective sprinkles ofactive ingredients, which is common in some pre-workout formulas containing proprietary blends. Super Charge! gives you effective amounts of performance enhancing active ingredients, so you get GREAT workouts and GAINS in strength, endurance, mental focus,   and recovery.

Super Charge! is designed to optimize and enhance your strength, endurance, mental focus and recovery so       you can push through your workouts with greater drive and motivation.


Each ingredient in Super Charge! is engineered into its formula to achieve a desired training effect. While many competing pre-workout and pre-workout concentrate supplements are formulated using a “kitchen sink” approach, their formulas often prove ineffective because they don’t contain enough of each active ingredient to achieve a desired training effect. For example, one pre-workout supplement might contain a great energy blend, which gives the user extra mental energy; but falls short on increasing workout strength. Another pre-workout supplement might increase workout strength; but doesn’t do enough to give the user a good pump. You get the picture.

Super Charge! contains a FULL SPECTRUM of performance enhancing active ingredients in EFFECTIVE AMOUNTS to optimize and enhance your strength, endurance, mental focus, and recovery.

Another HUGE BENEFIT of getting effective amounts of performance enhancing active ingredients, as found in Super Charge! is that these ingredients keep working for you long after your workout is over. Here are just three examples:


 • An effective amount of BCAA helps to turn on the anabolic switch leading to muscle growth after your workout.

• An effective amount of CreaPure creatine monohydrate helps to increase your strength for your next workout.

• An effective amount of CarnoSyn beta-alanine helps tobuild carnosine stores in your muscles... which buildsup your workout endurance!


Super Charge! is MUCH MORE THAN A GREAT PRE-WORKOUT supplement. It’s 24/7 support for your muscles andperformance, all-in-one daily serving.



Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

  1. Quality
    An excellent preworkout supplement
    Supercharge is an excellent preworkout supplement. Right now it is in my top three pre-workout favorites (Black powder, Supercharge & Dark Rage). It gets me energized helps provide better pumps and helps me train longer. The two downsides are that it seems to be carbonated which can sometimes give me gas and at times it kicks in too quick. I am used to preworkout supplements that take 30-45 to kick in.
  2. Quality
    I would by this product again and again
    I am a soldierwith the navy seabees I was in IRAQ when i first tried super charge 2009been using ever since.I have my friends hooked on this product fellow soldiers who still call me at home looking to buy my more. I use super charge 15 min. before workouts now I stay in the gym at least 3 and half hours by using two scoops with 16-20 oz of water.The key is to run or ride a bike or do cardio too.
  3. Quality
    I've been lifting for years and out of all the pre workout product's I've ever used this Clearly has been the best doing what a workout formula should. Nanovopor gave me a buzz I didnt like due to the hydroxycut mixed in and the aftertaste was horrible but that would have been my second choice. Labrada's taste great not gritty but actually enjoyable and smoother than any other mixes.
  4. Quality
    Best for me so far
    Use it right before getting on cardio machine. Boosts me throught that workout but has really kicked in when I move to my machine/free weights routine.
  5. Quality
    Great taste great results
    I have used this product for years and it is hands down my favorite per-workout drink. Provides an extra boost of energy without a jittery feeling. The blue raspberry flavor tastes great and this product prompts vascularity like nothing else I have ever used!

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