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KAL Bromelain

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KAL Bromelain - 600 GDUs Natural Pineapple Source! One Of The Most Bioavailable And Researched Of All Enzymes!

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One Of The Most Bioavailable And Researched Of All Enzymes!

Bromelain, derived from the pineapple plant, is one of a group of proteolytic enzymes (enzymes capable of digesting protein). Bromelain is particularly useful for reducing muscle and tissue inflammation and as a digestive aid. Supplements are made from enzymes found in the pineapple stem.

Bromelain is believed to be an effective blood thinner and anti-inflammatory that works by breaking down fibrin, a blood-clotting protein that can impede good circulation and prevent tissues from draining properly. Bromelain also blocks the production of compounds that can cause swelling and pain. When inflammation is reduced, blood can move more easily to a traumatized area, alleviate pain, and help healing.

Specifically, Bromelain may help to:
  • Aleviate muscle strains and pains. Helps to reduce swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness that can result from tissue injuries, muscle aches and pains, or from surgery. Bromelain also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the muscles and can help excess fluid drain from the site of a muscle injury.
  • Relieve pain associated with arthritis. Bromelain appears to relieve pain associated with aching and stiffness of back muscles and also chronically inflamed joints. It is also suggested that small amounts of prednisone may assist Bromelain in the alleviation of pain associated with arthritis.
  • Aid in digestion. Bromelain may assist digestive enzymes as trypsin or pepsin, making digestion easier and more comfortable.
  • Alleviate heartburn. Bromelain may ease the pain of heartburn and lessen the effects of diarrhea when these conditions are caused by a shortage of digestive enzymes.
  • Help to alleviate chronic bronchitis, respiratory allergies, and sinusitis. For patients suffering from chronic bronchitis, Bromelain has been shown to suppress cough and ease congestion. Other studies have indicated that individuals with sinusitis and allergies that affect the sinuses may also respond to Bromelain therapy; it helps reduce inflammation and fluid retention in the nasal membranes.
  • Relieve symptoms associated with gout. Bromelain may relieve the joint and tissue swelling and severe pain related to an attack of gout. It has also been proposed that, when taking on a regular basis, Bromelain may also prevent recurrent gout attacks.
  • Help to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. Since Bromelain can reduce tissue swelling, it may reduce swelling and pain in the fingers associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Help relieve minor injuries. Bromelain may possibly reduce the swelling and speed up the healing of cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and stings.
  • Reduce the symptoms of eczema. Many believe that bromelain, when taken with the flavonoid quercetin can relieve the red and often intensely itchy rashes of eczema.
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