ISS Research Super Vitamin Pak

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ISS Research Super Vitamin Pak - A Complete Vitamin & Mineral Dietary Food Supplement! Stay Healthy & Energized!

Providing A Complete Vitamin & Mineral Dietary Supplement!

With all the great supplements available to us today, it is easy to forget that we need to take a good multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, anti-oxidant formula.

Along with proper diet, excercise and rest, it is paramount that we have enough Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-Oxidants to keep our bodies healthy and fit. The ISS Research Super Vitamin Paks play a vital role in maximizing the absorption of food and other supplements. They help to keep your immune system strong and protect your cells from damaging "free-radicals".

Whether your a competitive bodybuilder or a weekend warrior, take Super Vitamin Paks and be confident that your body is getting the vital nutrients that it needs to keep you healthy and energized.

Super Vitamin Paks come in convenient easy to use daily packets. They can be taken with you to work, to the gym, while traveling or anywhere that you need a healthy complete multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, anti-oxidant formula.

  1. Quality
    Overall I think its a good vitamin pak. Noticed a small boost in energy and did not fatigue as quickly throughout the day. Very affordable. Would buy again. ALLMAX vitastack is still my go to at the moment.
  2. Quality
    Seems to be working just fine.
    It works best taking after a meal.
  3. Quality
    The Most Complete Vitamin on the Market
    This is one of the cheapest multi-vitamin out there. It is also one of the few that has some of the listed ingredients it offers.

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