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The World's First Carnosine Synthesizer/Pre-Workout!

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The World's First Carnosine Synthesizer/Pre-Workout!

New muscle growth. It's what you train for, right? But, if it's been a while since someone has complimented you on your "muscular size," And you're still anxiously trying to build an impressive chest... head-turning arms... or at least the type of muscular size that "shows," so people can definitely tell you work out. I'd suggest you stop everything you're doing and read about the all-new science in muscular performance called H+Blocker, which has recently been formulated with a patent-pending hydrogen-binder/pH-stabilizing nutrient matrix that is sure to help a growing number of hardcore bodybuilders and serious weight trainers like you get a harder, tighter, and stronger looking physique, in less time, due to its extraordinary actions-that take effect almost immediately.

The newly formulated H+Blocker features a new class of agents that are designed to drastically affect the muscular contraction, fullness, workload capacity, and growth of fast-twitch muscle fibers. Technically known as carnosine. and synthesized in our bodies from beta-alanine and L-histidine. In fact, recent studies have indicated that carnosine is preferentially found in fast-twitch (Type II) muscle fibers in humans. Basically, fast-twitch fibers are the muscle fibers that have the potential to make you "super-human." They are the muscle fibers athletes need to set world records in track and field events like sprinting and in powerlifting... they're the fibers that have the capacity to grow beyond your wildest imagination... they're the fibers every athlete (especially those of us who are serious about training with weights) wish we had lots more of.

The good news is fast-twitch muscle fibers have a much greater potential for muscle growth than Type I fibers or slow-twitch fibers. The bad news, though, is most of us have more slow-twitch than fast-twitch muscle fibers. And unfortunately, only a very small percentage of us who take up weight lifting to build muscle mass are born with lots of these fibers. Enough of them to matter, anyway. Sadly, there is nothing you and I can do to alter our ratio of slow- and fast-twitch fibers.

But, here's some incredible news... while H+Blocker cannot "alter" your genetics, what it can do is "enhance" your genetics... thereby making you a member of the "elite few," in a sense: the small group at your gym (or the pro bodybuilders) who stand above everybody in terms of size, muscularity, and power. And here's why... With the patent-pending nutrient matrix found only in H+Blocker, what we can do is "blast" the heck out of the existing fast-twitch fibers we do have... so, in essence, they begin to appear to all "act like" fast-twitch fibers. In other words, by supplying our bodies with the nutrients to synthesize carnosine, we can preferentially direct the intracellular actions toward the muscles that have the greatest capacity for greater contractions, fullness, workload capacity, and growth!

  1. Quality
    good stuff but don't like the fruit punch
    i rather drink the orange.if you like the tast of tang you'll like the orange.
  2. Quality
    No jitters for me it's a good price and works well.
  3. Quality
    Product works fine easy on the wallet!!
  4. Quality
    Works good
    I would recommend to anyone to start off with smaller doses than directed. This stuff is pretty strong and can make you feel light headed. Besides that the results are noticeable.
  5. Quality
    good for the price
    product gave me a little pump when I took it 30 minutes before I lifted and felt no fatigue during the workout. I would have liked it to have more of an energy kick.
  6. Quality
    Both "bark" AND "bite"
    Great product combines well with 3XL
  7. Quality
    it does what it promises.
    theres nothing wrong with this product it gives me a great pump good energy and I dont feel any fatigue.
  8. Quality
    This will get you ready for your workout
    I take one scoop with water about 30 minutes before a workout. It provides that boost of energy needed to not only get out of the office and into the gym but to push myself to my limit. It gives you a tingly feeling inside that causes excitement and sometimes makes me feel like I could kill someone (in a good way)

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