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8 Proven Performance Enhancing Herbs To Pump Up Your Power In Bed & At The Gym!

8 Proven Performance Enhancing Herbs To Pump Up Your Power In Bed & At The Gym!

Yohimbe-Plus is a plant-derived sexual stimulant formula. It contains Yohimbe extract along with seven other performance-enhancing herbs that help support performance and stamina.
  • sex drive Enhancement and Function: Yohimbe is a West African herb traditionally known for its ability to promote male sexual function. A daily serving of these Liquid Soft-Gels delivers 450 mg of Yohimbe extract.
  • Endurance and Stamina: Advanced Yohimbe-Plus is designed with invigorating botanicals to help boost power and fortitude. Included is the herb Tribulus, standardized to 40% saponins. This sex drive-supporting plant provides a boost for sexual performance and sex drive.
  • Performance and Vigor: The ingredients in this product, such as Ginkgo biloba, support healthy circulation throughout the body including the genital region. Muira puama is an ancient Brazilian tonic traditional known for enhancing sexual performance. Added to this science-based formulation is the adaptogen Ashwagandha, to promote vitality and vigor.
Yohimbe-Plus is a potent herbal combination that helps fuel sex drive, stimulate sexual interest and promote pleasure.

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