Iron Addicts Midnight Dream

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Iron Addicts Midnight Dream - Uninterrupted Sleep! Improved Recovery & Reduced Muscle Soreness! No drowsiness Upon Waking! Supports natural growth hormone Release!

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Uninterrupted Sleep! Improved Recovery & Reduced Muscle Soreness! No drowsiness Upon Waking! Supports natural growth hormone Release!


There’s a lot of reasons to not sleep well. Life is hard with bills and family responsibility; workouts can keep us in the gym until late, and just stress alone can be too much to settle down at the end of the night. If this sounds like something you are dealing with, than pick up Midnight Dream and finally get the rest you’ve been needing.

You can’t make huge gains in the gym, breaking PR’s every week, if you aren’t getting good sleep. That’s when we grow and the natural growth hormones release. If you aren’t getting a full 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, than you are not performing at your best. Midnight Dream will get you those solid hours of sleep and best yet, it won’t have you waking up still sleepy and out of it until lunch.

Uninterrupted sleep
Improved recovery & reduced muscle soreness
No drowsiness upon waking
Supports natural growth hormone Release


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  1. Quality
    Hands down the best
    Knocks you OUT. Best sleep formula to date.
  2. Quality
    Absolutely love this stuff! Best sleep I have ever gotten. I wake up fully rested ready to start the day, even after a hard workout I wake up surprisingly less sore than I should be. Be careful best to cycle off a couple days a week so you don't build up a tolerance. As far as A1 supplements go I couldn't be happier with their service. Anytime I've ordered from here I always receive it within 3 days. Always comes with extra goodies too, Keep it up guys!
  3. Quality
    Out cold
    I love this stuff. I work shift work on a rotating schedule so getting my workout in sometimes requires staying up later, limiting my time for sleep. No problem falling asleep after taking this. It works so good I slept through the snooze function on my alarm for about an hour.
  4. Quality
    great sleep
    I love take this midnight dream! Great night sleep with no drowsiness morning.
  5. Quality
    Puts me to sleep
    What can I say, CT has done it again. 30 minutes later it's sleepy time. Lights out and I sleep through the night. I like it so much I have 4 months supply, nothing better on the market today.
  6. Quality
    Good sleep
    I have had insomnia for years. I took one scoop of this and i was asleep within one hour and didnt wake up the whole not. I use this nightly and it works every time. I will purchase this again
  7. Quality
    No drowsiness? Yeah ok
    This stuff will put you out but you need an empty stomach and close to bedtime. Wake-up with reduced soreness is correct. Flavor is decent compared to other CT Fletcher supplements.
  8. Quality
    My favorite Iron Addicts product
    Less recovery, better sleep= more results. This stuff is great! I sleep great and am less sore. A great product. Apple Cider is a good mellow flavor.
  9. Quality
    Highly recommend!
    I was surprised how well this stuff works. Works almost too well! Right now I'm using the root beer flavor. It tastes good like a flat watered down kind of root beer flavor but I like it.
  10. Quality
    I've taken it the last 3 nights. Kicks in about 45min after taking it. Out like a light all night, nice peaceful sleep. Wake up in the morning feeling rejuvenated with ZERO drowsiness.

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